PCL opens fashion shop in downtown Monmouth

MONMOUTH -- The newest venture for Partnerships in Community Living Inc. opened its doors Friday in downtown Monmouth.Boomerang Fashions, 157 W. Main St., is the second consignment store operated by PCL, joining Downtown Trends and Treasures, 142 Pacific Highway (99W), and the fourth business owned by the organization.Boomerang Fashions deviates from the Downtown Trends model in that it will cater solely to the female student population of Western Oregon University, a market underserved in Monmouth, said Jill Goold, general manager."It's all going to be juniors and young women's clothing. That's the population we're hoping to capture down here," Goold said. "We're focusing on the college-aged people here that we don't get a lot of at Downtown Trends."Goold came to Downtown Trends in early 2012 and began fleshing out ideas with PCL Executive Director Zellee Allen on expanding operations with another store.The new venture will also serve as a stepping stone for PCL clients who have worked at Downtown Trends and are ready to work on their own, without a job coach.However, that goal won't be fully realized just yet. First, Boomerang Fashions has to get off the ground.Goold has a team of two employees for now with the goal of running the store with just one, freeing her up to work more on marketing the two stores."Our mission is to help prepare the people we support for meaningful work; especially with the other location, people can learn job skills," Goold said. "It will be more of a community employment, as a next step. At Downtown Trends, all the positions are supported. Here, it wouldn't be."The downtown location presented the perfect opportunity for expansion with its size, charm and proximity to campus, Goold said.Before joining PCL as Downtown Trends' general manager, Goold spent the previous dozen years out of the workforce raising her two children.The Corvallis resident has been a supporter of PCL for decades, through donations and a personal connection with associate director Joanne Fuhrman.Goold jumped at the chance to join the not-for-profit organization, which assists developmentally disabled people in and around Monmouth, when the opportunity arose in 2012."When I was ready to come back to work, this opportunity was my number one choice of anywhere that I would work," Goold said. "I have a lot of confidence in the work that's being done by PCL and how it's being done. I have a huge respect for the company." Something old, something new What: Boomerang Fashions, the most recent consignment shop in PCL's business group. Where: 157 W. Main St., Monmouth. Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more information: 503-837-1027; email to boomerang@pclpartnership.org. To donate or consign items: Appointments for consignment can be made any time by visiting the store; donations are always accepted.


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