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9/25 Pedee News: Arlene Kovash

Steve and Audrey Cameron enjoyed a weekend at the coast to celebrate their wedding anniversary. They explored the beaches at Yachats and Florence, and had a great breakfast at the floating restaurant up the Alsea River. They appreciate their wonderful neighbor, Linda Smith, who did the chores for them while they were gone.--The Cameron family also had a family gathering in Hillsboro to celebrate the birthdays of Natasha Cameron, 13, and Caitlin Cameron-Kelley, who is 22. They ate at Izzy's and then played in Shute Park until the sun went down.Joining them were cousin Jack Marincovich Jr. from Lake Oswego, and great aunt and uncle Jack Marincovich Sr. and Georgia Marincovich from Astoria.Four-year-old Eliana Cameron left her favorite toy, Eebee, on a bench in the park. Her mom drove back in the dark and found the toy sitting there waiting. It was a happy ending to a sad story and shows how good people are not to take a child's toy.--Bob and Lynda Schnekenburger took a weeklong cruise to Alaska with Holland America to celebrate their 43 years of marriage the week of Sept. 11. The ship went up the Tracy Arm Fjord to view the Sawyer Glacier as it calved. They had amazing close-up views of many humpback whales as the cruise ship passed through a pod on the journey. This is their fourth cruise to Alaska. They have also traveled the entire length of the Alcan Highway on a previous camping trip years ago.--June Clark was delighted her granddaughter, and mom Betty Forry's great granddaughter, Britni Weiss, was able to visit them on her way back to Southern Oregon University. Patrick Clark, her uncle, was also able to be here for a short visit, and showed Britni some of their latest "improvements" to the property.

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