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10/2 Pedee News: Arlene Kovash

Thirteen members of Dorothy McBeth's family surprised her on her birthday Sept. 20 by bringing dinner to her home -- the kind of surprise she likes.Sons Darrel and his wife Shirley and Sam with Terry Proctor, and daughter Sandy Quiring with her husband Gary and daughter Kimber all came, as well as grandson Bob McBeth and his wife Abby. Niece Connie Ames and her daughter Ren‚ and son Denny and his wife Laura were also there, making Dorothy's mobile home very full in the best way possible.--The Pedee Women's Club also celebrated Dorothy McBeth's birthday with a cake and flowers on Sept. 25. The group has also started making candy for its Nov. 9 Holiday Fair. Many people come to the fair just to buy the candy, but also enjoy a lunch of homemade soups and pies.--James and Jenny Mellein invited friends over for a potluck on Sept. 21 to honor Jenny and Daniel and Heidi Russell, who all have birthdays within three days of each other. It was a rainy day, so outdoor plans had to be scrapped in favor of visiting inside.--September must have been birthday month in Pedee because Mick and Debbie Cochrane also had a birthday party, this one for their 26-year-old son, Cole, at the Ram in Salem. Grandparents Ted and Ethelene Osgood and Cole's sister, Paige, attended, as well as extended family from Salem. This party is a tradition with the family and a good time for all to get together.--Yes, we in Pedee like to party. Jerry Mentzer hosted a housewarming party for Bob and Lynda Schnekenburger at their home on Pedee Creek Road. Immediate neighbors were invited to the barbecue and potluck on Sept. 21 to get a tour of this innovative house. Bob and Lynda's first house burned to the ground on April 15, 2012, so they spent the next 12 months building their new one.

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