MINET want your input

INDEPENDENCE — Community members are wanted to serve on advisory boards for MINET.

People are needed to serve on a marketing committee to help identify key communicators and give input on future marketing campaigns, including social media.

MINET General Manager Don Patten said marketing can be subjective, and he would like to hear what works from his customer base, the residents and businesses of Monmouth and Independence.

He added that he likes the current campaign — Minet Man and Gig Girl — because he believes the super heroes are universal.

Another committee being formed is for evolving technology and how it can best be applied to benefit MINET subscribers.

“I want a fresh set of eyes on the technology as to how they think things should work, what they’re hearing on the streets and what they’re interested in,” he said.

Both committees will be informal, but Patten said that doesn’t mean the input won’t be valued.

“I want very aggressive, strong-willed, strong-mouthed committees,” Patten said. “If they have something that makes sense, they insist we do it.”

For more information or to apply, contact Marilyn Morton at 503-837-0700 or mmorton@minetfiber.com.

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