Appeal filed over expansion plans by spa manufacturer

INDEPENDENCE — Marquis Spa plans to expand its operations into an old packaging building used by Forest Products Packaging Co., 1265 Stryker Road.

But first, it must overcome an appeal from neighbors.

The appeal will go before the Independence Planning Commission on Sept. 8 at 7 p.m. for a public hearing, unless the parties can work something out beforehand.

Stephen Scheck, who lives across from the spa facility on Stryker Road in Independence, is contesting the expansion, concerned about odors, said Mike Danko, Independence community development director.

“The Schecks and Marquis Spa are negotiating to try and resolve the one issue that they have, which is odor,” Danko said.

“There’s been a lot of talk about the odor,” he added. “Is there going to be an odor problem? If there is an odor at all, how can it be dealt with so that the residents aren’t bothered by it?”

Danko approved Marquis’ application and site design to expand operations to the forest products building, zoned heavy industrial.

“They’d like to build (swim spas), those ones with the constant flow, approximately 200 a year,” Danko said. “It’s not a large operation, but it is something they’d want to move forward on.”

Regarding odor, the company must abide by its permit from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

DEQ has not had any specific environmental issues or events concerning Marquis Spa since 2012, said William Knight, communication and outreach coordinator for Oregon DEQ.

“We have recently received inquiries and statements from residents in the area who expressed their concerns about the company’s plan to relocate and/or expand,” he said.

A representative from Marquis Spa could not be reached for comment.

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