MI TOWN: Patty Taylor Dutcher

Summertime is still in full bloom in MI Town, but small and subtle changes are happening with every new day.

Early mornings are still in darkness and we watch the colors of the sky change a few seconds every day. Labor Day is just around the corner, and the big yellow school buses will soon appear on all our neighborhood streets.

Weren’t we just taking the decorations down from Independence Day celebrations?

When you’re young, hours and days can pass excruciatingly slowly. We impatiently wait for school days, for summertime, for graduations, for jobs, for our “real lives” to begin.

The road ahead seems to stretch for so many endless miles that it’s not possible to contemplate the twists and turns that await us. Fortunately, most of us don’t have the ability to see into our futures, to predict all that we will eventually learn and do. The victories and defeats that are just out there, beyond the horizon, are coped with — or not — in due time.

I’ve spent several days away from MI Town spending good times with my sisters and brother and his wife, sharing good stories of our childhood, talking about memories made with children and grandchildren, of coping with the times when our parents and other older family members passed away, and dealing with the realization that we were now the elders.

We’ve fought various medical battles and are dealing with aging, but are grateful for good health and for those who love us — especially for those who love us.

As we all begin to make the transition from summer to autumn, and deal with changes in weather and activities, it’s an opportunity to reflect upon what’s really good and positive in our lives, and to learn to cope with the bumps — and craters — along the road ahead of us. I look forward to the beginning of another season in MI Town, with friends and family and new opportunities.

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