PEDEE NEWS: Arlene Kovash

I’m sorry to report that Carolyn Hall died Aug. 11 at home here near Pedee.

She had been quite sick for some time, but loved having people around. She had hosted a Bible study at her home this summer. She didn’t often miss church, either.

Her daughters, Debbie Strange of Lincoln City, Cindy McGinnis of Monmouth and Carolyn White from Texas, and sons, Woodie and Shawn, were with her. Carolyn’s husband, Gene, died April 13 of this year.

The 46th annual Burbank-McBeth Family Reunion was held at Dallas City Park on Aug. 10, with 42 individuals ranging in age from 1 month to 92 years in attendance.

This year the family set some rules for the reunion: They changed the name from the Burbank Family Reunion to the Burbank-McBeth Family Reunion and decided that the date would always be the third Sunday in August, so remember that, all you Burbanks.

Dorothy McBeth had the most “children” there: Darrell, Sam and Sandy and their families.

Sam and Judy Guida spent their 31st anniversary on the Deschutes River with a friend who has a little cabin on the river. They drove their RV over on Aug. 11 and stayed until Thursday.

It’s lucky they enjoy thunder and lightning storms and rain since it mainly did that for the three days they were there. Even so, they explored a couple of state parks and hiked around the area in addition to playing cards and reading.

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