Jaffer has much

to offer our region

The election is over and the votes have been counted. Congratulations to Craig Pope and his win for Polk County commissioner.

I do want to say, however, that my hopes are high for Danny Jaffer to run again sometime for some — most any — office. I would hope he isn’t discouraged enough to stay put. It is a very expensive business and much hard work, but Danny Jaffer is too good for our county to lose.

He is extremely intelligent, thoughtful and can really work well with others. He readily can see problems and can compromise when needed.

Polk County needs him in some office, need it be a local, county or state position.

Dori J. Brodersen


Have to work on

holiday? So what

This is to all the whiners of retail out there who throw a fit when they are required to work on Thanksgiving.

You don’t hear our military forces whine about working on Thanksgiving. You don’t hear doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, paramedics, firefighters, EMT’s, police officers or anyone else who works on Thanksgiving complain. These individuals go to work during the holidays with a smile on their face and spend it with their extended families. They provide those services without ever complaining about it.

If your capitalistic employer wants you to work on Thanksgiving, then do it with a smile on your face. If not, then request it off if spending the holiday at home is so important.

David Christensen


Wrestlers thankful

for project support

As a wrestler at Dallas High School, I would like to thank the Dallas community, businesses and churches that purchased poinsettias this year. The money that we raised will make it possible for us to get new equipment, uniforms and other gear.

We are excited to represent our school and community this season, and your support of our fundraiser is an example of Dragon Pride.

I would like to thank Trinity Lutheran Church for purchasing 20 poinsettias; they are willing to purchase poinsettias each year and I am thankful for them. I would also like to thank Al’s Garden Center for supplying us with the beautiful poinsettias that make this fundraiser possible and easy to sell.

Go Dragons!

Justin Spencer


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