Dallas School Board opposes OSBA stand

Association against using state school funds for programs like Dallas' Extended Campus

DALLAS — The Dallas School Board voted against supporting the Oregon School Boards Association Legislative Priorities Monday night.

The vote was actually regarding just one provision, fifth-year programs like Dallas High School’s partnership with Chemeketa Community College, Extended Campus.

Local school boards vote each year on OSBA’s Legislative Policy Committee’s proposed priorities for the upcoming legislative session, as well as for candidates for OSBA board of directors and other provisions.

Dallas’ objection was to a priority entitled “Post-Secondary Opportunities for High School Students,” which in part reads: “OSBA opposes use of State School Fund dollars for five-year high school diploma programs that include a fifth-year for post-secondary enrollment. OSBA believes the state should instead establish a dedicated source of funds to invest in these programs that does not dilute the State School Fund.”

The Dallas School Board unanimously approved casting a “no” vote on the priorities and to include an explanation saying the board supported all the priorities except the one that could affect Extended Campus.

“Basically, it’s kind of a negative statement toward fifth-year programs, which seems to run counter to the organization’s (OSBA) mission, which is to support local control,” Dallas School Board Chairman Michael Blanchard said.

“I think we should tell them that,” board member Jon Woods added.

Blanchard wrote a letter to OSBA when the legislative priorities were introduced this summer, voicing concern over the provision and the possible ramifications on local control by requiring a “dedicated source of funds” for fifth-year programs.

Blanchard said he did not receive a formal response to that letter.

“Since it’s in there, I think we know what the answer is,” Blanchard said Monday.

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