6/11 PEDEE NEWS: Arlene Kovash

June Clark spent a beautiful June 4 birthday riding her motorcycle to Newport and up the coast to Lincoln City.    She got her first checkpoint for this year’s Rose City Motorcycle Club Grand Tour, with a possible 15 in-state checkpoints scattered from one end of Oregon to the other and 10 checkpoints required for completion.    Lunch at the Newport checkpoint was a delicious shrimp melt. June enjoyed the rhododendrons on the coast, which were still in full bloom, and was delighted to manage more than 170 miles in one day. She’s one spunky lady!    —    Junior Lyday celebrated his 90th birthday on May 27 with a family party at home, planned by Shelly Tarvin and Junior’s daughter, Vickie Woods of Las Vegas, who has been staying with him.    —    Tristan Cates was the center of attention at a well-attended community shower honoring his birth at the Pedee Women’s Club on May 31. Parents Nick and Suzanne Cates adopted him on Feb. 11. Nick and Suzanne now live on Bainbridge Island in Washington.    —    Students from the Pedee Campus of Luckiamute Valley Charter Schools had a wonderful time on a field trip to Newport on Thursday.    They walked to Yaquina Head Lighthouse and looked at sunbathing seals, then took a tour boat into the bay, sponsored by Marine Discovery Tours, where they saw California Sea lions, pelicans, blue herons and other birds. The kids scooped plankton from the water using a special net, brought it on board to look at it through a microscope, and saw tiny phytoplankton, zooplankton and even a tiny jellyfish. Later, they used a different net and scooped other sea life trawling the net behind the boat.    From there, they went into the open ocean for a brief turn. The swells were high and the boat ride was like a roller coaster at that point. Afterward, they went to South Beach State Park for some fun and a hot dog roast before returning home.    The Pedee School is especially grateful to the Pedee Women’s Club, which donated $500 for the purchase of new books for their library. They bought a wide variety of novels and a few nonfiction resources at a school book fair this spring.    —    Marjorie Robertson arrived back in Pedee after spending the winter at Quartzsite, Ariz. She was thrilled when her grandson, Josh, invited her to Oregon State University’s student recognition awards program to see him receive one of OSU’s 10 prestigious Waldo-Cummings Outstanding Student Awards. Later, he was inducted into the College of Business’ Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society. Josh is a junior at OSU and lives with Marjorie to help her out.    


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