COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Williams eyes coaching career

MONMOUTH — On the football field, Western Oregon senior Tyrell Williams ranks as one of the Wolves’ top offensive threats.    During the 2013 season, Williams led WOU in catches (49) and receiving yards (849), and tied for first in receiving touchdowns (six).    But earlier this week, Williams wasn’t the one making plays on the field. He was coaching players from the sidelines.    He was one of several players and coaches leading the Wolves’ 2014 summer high school team camp.    The event did more than provide a break from his usual offseason training, however.    “One of my goals after college is to be a coach,” Williams said. “This is a good first step to get a glimpse of what it’s like to work with younger kids. I really enjoyed it.”    Looking ahead    Athletics was always a big part of Williams’ life. His father, Raymond, coached football and basketball for more than two decades, and raised Williams around both games.    “I was always in the gym or on the field watching him,” Williams said. “That’s what made me interested in it.”    Now, Williams is using his shot to work with WOU’s camp as a chance to take his first shot at coaching.    “We break the receivers down into age groups,” Williams said. “The younger kids, they’re not as experienced and not as able to get it as quickly. So, we go through the drills and really explain it and take it slow until they get it. With the older kids, they understand more and you can go over the little details that they’re messing up on. It’s not too challenging, it’s just important to teach the younger guys the right way to do things.”    Williams hopes to help inspire younger athletes to find a way to play football beyond high school.    “Success comes by working hard in the offseason,” Williams said. “You need to have the confidence and the thought that you’re the best player out there and that you will get the ball every time it’s thrown to you.”    As Williams helped high school athletes, he is also using his offseason to take his game to a new level.    One more shot    Williams may be coming off his best season, but he has one goal for 2014.    “We’re excited to bring the first (Great Northwest Athletic Conference) title to Western Oregon,” Williams said.    He is entering the summer in a different position than ever before after joining the track and field team in the spring. Williams won a conference title in the 200-meter run.    “I got a little taste of what it would be like (by winning the 200),” Williams said. “I came into college with the goal of winning a conference title in football. Winning in track fuels me even more to have the team experience that feeling.”    Track also gave him a chance to experience competing without having teammates at his side.    “I’m used to being around almost 60 guys all the time and having people yelling at you,” Williams said. “Track is a more individual sport. It’s all self-motivation.”    Now, he’s putting that self-motivation to work. After attending strength workouts, Williams runs routes alone, with a focus on footwork. Later this summer, he will begin working with the Wolves’ quarterbacks.    “I want to get to the right spot no matter what the coverage, every time,” Williams said. “I want us to be on the same page on every single play.”    Most of all, he wants to make his final year with the Wolves the most successful one yet.    “I can’t even explain what a conference title would mean to us,” Williams said. “It’d be exactly what I was looking for.”    


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