Rescued cat, newborn kittens in need of a permanent home

INDEPENDENCE — Some people out for a walk on the morning of June 17 came across a cat giving birth on a sidewalk in Independence.    “Two little kittens were crawling around on the sidewalk,” said Stephanie Lindsley, certified veterinary technician at Ash Creek Animal Clinic.    The cat and her kittens were put in a box and taken to Ash Creek Animal Clinic. A third kitten was born on the way there. Two more were born at the clinic.    “(The kittens) were really cold,” Lindsley said. “They would have died if they hadn’t come here.”    Veterinarians at the clinic had to help the mother be able to nurse. Some kittens got hand-fed for a while.    With no room at the humane society, Lindsley agreed to foster the little cat family.    She said by the end of the first day, all the kittens were nursing fine.    “This is the easiest litter I’ve ever taken,” Lindsley said. “Usually, I take in orphans, so you have to bottle feed them. Mostly, I just make sure (the mom) is taken care of, because she’s actively taking care of the kittens.”    But Lindsley will not be able to provide the mother cat or her kittens a permanent home. Once the kittens are old enough, everyone will need a good home.    Over the weekend, one of the kittens died from an unknown cause. Doctors at the clinic tested the mother cat for both feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus. She tested negative for both, and the remaining four kittens were doing well as of press time.    For more information or to adopt a cat or kittens, email, or message the clinic through its Facebook page.    


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