Couple is grateful for donated kidney

We would like to announce that Bruce got a call that a kidney was found for him on his birthday, June 15.

He received his new kidney the same day and it is working perfectly.

We are so grateful to the families that have donated their loved ones’ organs. You have saved Bruce’s life. Thank you to all who have signed up to be donors. You really do provide the gift of life.

Bruce and Tina Smith


Church appreciates community’s help

Faith Lutheran Church, Monmouth/Independence, celebrated 50 years of living our faith in the community on June 22.

Throughout the planning and implementing of our celebration, we were reminded time and again of what a great community we are a part of.

Mungo’s, who made our big lawn banners, did them at a more than competitive price. We had worked to get three bids in order to make a knowledgeable decision. Not only was Mungo’s price great, the follow-through was even better. Mock up ready when promised, signs ready when scheduled and the work was beautiful and professional.

Walt’s Printing did a great job printing our invitations. Once again at a good price, ready when promised and professionally done.

WOU laminated our 50-year historical timeline making it easy to display and to read. This will be a treasured part of our ongoing history in Monmouth/Independence.

Our cake baker/decorator, Barb Taylor, did exceptional work duplicating our logo. She was able to match exactly in shape and color our logo, and the cakes were fresh and tasted great.

The beautiful flowers were arranged by Petals & Vines. Our large arrangements were still beautiful the following Sunday, assuring us that we had indeed received great quality fresh flowers.

Last and not the least: The Itemizer-Observer. How we appreciate having a local newspaper in which to place our announcements.

Thank you to all of you for being such an important part of our memorable celebration. We love being a part of our community and look forward to many, many more years of partnership with all of you.

Many thanks to God for all the blessings that we have received. Now, on to Vacation Bible School, which begins on July 21.

Pastor Dallas Dubke


Ideas for traffic issues on Hwy. 22

Regarding recent stories on Highway 22 traffic issues …

Instead of diverting the Doaks Ferry Road at Highway 22 intersection at great expense, let’s consider less costly measures. Add speed limit signs at 45 mph posted within a two-mile stretch, use a rough surface, add flashing yellow lights, and measure vehicle speed (like at Myrtle Creek) or install auto traffic lights.

Slow the traffic down. Speed kills.

At the Highway 22 and 51 (road to Independence) intersection, left turns crossing a highway to oncoming traffic is dangerous. Instead, install a roundabout (like at the north end of Young’s Bay Bridge in Astoria). The gas station could continue in business unlike if an overpass was constructed.

Kenneth Johnson


Fight for projects that benefit region

First of all, I’d like to thank the county sheriff’s office in Yamhill County for responding to the fire and gun-wielding suspect in Perrydale. It’s unfortunate that it had to happen at all.

My neighbors and I often worry what would happen if we have to call 9-1-1 when our sheriff is off-duty. It would be nice for the sheriff to actually come out and meet with people to explain what happens when the budget gets cut by so much. But I also understand what gets people into that situation in the first place is that there is just too little to go around. The county simply doesn’t have enough living-wage jobs to support a stronger economy.

I find it sad that government agencies and our state’s most powerful politicians do not step up to make a meaningful difference for the local economy. Without a strong economic base, funding for community services will be impacted.

ECONorthwest of Eugene estimates that the Wallace Bridge equestrian center project in Polk County would bring in an estimated $2.3 million in direct tax revenue and $6.04 million in indirect tax revenue. Establishment of a hotel tax (paid by tourists) would generate an additional $5.3 million in revenue per year.

We have to stand up and let the politicians and federal agencies know that we care about our rural community economically and environmentally. We are tired of the promises that aren’t kept. Write your local, state and federal politicians to tell them that we need action and not just words. Fight for the sheriff, essential county services, Wallace Bridge, the environment, and jobs for our local area.

J.W. Millegan


Allow pets at more community events

Thank you to everyone responsible for providing all of the free entertainment in our local communities during the summer months.

I enjoy walking down to the Academy Building stage in Dallas with my dog, then sitting for the entertainment. I used to enjoy the events in Monmouth and Independence as well.

I learned the hard way — showing up with a dog on a leash — that this perk is not available everywhere. I’ve perused all the marketing information and found no mention of “no dogs allowed.” It’s when we show up that we are not allowed in. Maybe I missed the memo?

I understand guidelines and rules and I am not bothered by the choice of “no dogs.” I am bothered by the lack of information prior to arrival. I’ve either walked, or cannot leave my dog in my car because of the hot weather.

I’d like to suggest an area partitioned off for us dog take-a-longers. We may be a small group, but a group nonetheless that wants to enjoy the entertainment with our pets.

Ann Richmond


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