Pay proper respect

to American flag

I was in the recent Fourth of July parade and noticed something that is very disturbing to me: The flag, when on a staff or pole, should always have something to the right of it as seen from the speaker’s position. When it is passing, people should stand in respect of the flag. Those in uniform such as military, police or firemen should come to attention.

During the parade I saw some very old persons stand every time a flag passed and I saw those in uniform just stand and talk as if nothing was going on.

Also, when bunting is used the stars should always be in the upper left hand side of the flag being displayed. I spoke to some, and they said they bought the cheapest flag they could and it was made in China. And it had the stars on the right side. If they are going to do something, do it right.

The Fourth of July is a special day and I think a lot of people have forgotten the meaning of it. We celebrate our freedom and respect those that have fought and died for it.

Remember the colors of the flag represent certain things: White represents purity, red represents valor and blue represents vigilance.

We need to teach the children of this land what the Fourth is really about. It’s not just candy and fireworks.

Many have given their all so we can still have a Fourth. Let’s respect that. Show respect to the flag, display it correctly and give it the respect it is due.

Ted Campbell

West Salem

Good deed proves

to be appreciated

I would like to thank Elizabeth for finding and returning my check that I lost. She has my deep and sincere gratitude, and she certainly made my day.

Mary Dulebohn


Growth makes new

bridge necessary

West Salem has experienced the building of multiple new apartment units over the last two years along Wallace Road. This translates into many more vehicles in use for the Marion Street Bridge.

I wonder if Oregon’s Department of Motor Vehicles can supply us with statistics on the number of new cars registered for Postal Zone 97304 during 2012 through June 2014.

More cars usually create more congestion — all of which adds to the desirability of us constructing a new bridge sooner rather than later, once a fair agreement on exact site suitability is approved by the voters.

B. Lee Coyne

West Salem

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