Dallas HS students have class options

DALLAS — Dallas High School juniors and seniors looking for a class not offered through advanced placement or “college credit now” programs have yet a third option to fill out their schedules: Expanded Options.   “Its purpose is to allow students who might not have opportunities to do certain things in high school — the classes aren’t available for whatever reason — to take those classes at a partner college and have the district pay for them,” said Cory Bradshaw, DHS assistant principal.    Expanded Options, a statewide program, allows students to earn college credit and work toward a diploma while their high school covers the cost of tuition, books and required supplies.   DHS is looking to enroll students in the program between now and the May 16 deadline.   Not to be confused with Extended Campus, a DHS program that pays for students to attend Chemeketa Community College for up to two years after high school graduation requirements are met, Expanded Options is for students who have not yet earned a diploma.   Established in 2005, the program’s original target was students between the age of 16 and 21 or those who had dropped out of high school or were considered “at risk.”    However, in a given year at DHS, the number of students who enroll in the program are far below a minimum cap. In response, the school has loosened that requirement, opening the program to more students so long as they are juniors and seniors who are at least 16 years old and meet other eligibility requirements.   Between advanced placement courses and “college credit now” — another program offering college credit classes at a low cost — most college credit classes are already offered at DHS   But there are exceptions.   Bradshaw said one of the more popular classes is American Sign Language, which meets the foreign language requirement for graduation. The only foreign language class DHS offers is Spanish.    She has also had a student approved for the program take a music theory class.    “I don’t remember the last time we offered music theory,” Bradshaw said.   Learn More   Students may qualify for Expanded Options if:    • You are a junior or senior between the ages of 16 and 21, even if you have dropped out of school.   • You are eligible for free or reduced lunch (this requirement may be waived for otherwise qualified students).    • You want to take courses NOT available at Dallas High School.   For more information: Dallas High School guidance office, 503-831-1975; Cory Bradshaw, 503-623-8336.   


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