2/19 Pedee News: Arlene Kovash

The unusually deep snow we recently had put a crimp on many activities in Pedee, especially after most of the power here shut down — and you know it's bad when even the churches are closed on Sunday morning, as were Pedee Church and Bridgeport Chapel.   Most families were prepared with generators to at least keep their refrigerators and freezers going.   Chris and Erika Sickendick were without electricity for four days, but cooked meals on their wood stove, plus their water is gravity feed so they at least had that, although not enough for showers. They had fun sledding and playing games and cards with son Seth and daughter Hallie. They had 17 inches of snow.   Casey and Sherri Kramer had a lot of fun playing in the snow, sledding, pulling Sage, Preston and Libby on sleds with the four-wheeler, and making forts with friends. They also ventured out on Thursday and Friday for sledding with friends and Saturday to watch an Oregon State Beavers women’s basketball game. They lost electricity for about 24 hours, cooked over their wood stove with cast iron and enjoyed lots of hot cocoa by candle light.   Bob and Lynda Schnekenburger, who were out of electricity for three days, had put in a generator in their new house and found out that it worked perfectly. They cooked on their gas stove and sat and watched the snow fall. It reminded them of why they left Michigan. They did have quite a bit of rain gutter damage from the sliding snow as it melted.   Alan and Sue Garton lost power for 22 hours. When it started getting dark they moved out to their motorhome, where they were nice and toasty warm. They played board games until it was time to go to bed. They camped just like they do when they are at an RV park, except they were in their motorhome garage.   Pete and LaVerne Bennett were also without power for about 22 hours. They lit their propane lanterns so they could see, had cold sandwiches for supper, then sat and read their Kindles. They went to bed earlier than usual.   Norm and Donna Baldwin anticipated the electrical outage, so they filled the bathtub and containers for drinking and cooking. They got their candles ready and, with the wood stove, they survived quite well. On Feb. 9, Norm took the “cat” down the driveway and pushed snow around and then hoped the creeks weren't flooding on their way to Corvallis.   Steve and Audrey Cameron were snowbound for five days during the snowstorm as their driveway was impassible, so they stayed home and enjoyed their cozy wood stove fires. Their side of Pedee did not lose power this time around. The hardest chore was carrying water for the animals whose water troughs were frozen. Their big pond was frozen, too, so the ducks and geese were walking on the pond.   Suzanne Burbank worked from home on her computer, since they did have electricity. Husband Dave, who works for Polk County, spent many long hours plowing roads. Thanks, Dave!   Daniel and Heidi Russell spent time tossing bird food onto the snow with Allana, Alex, Abby, Aliyah and Winnie, and watching a great variety of birds come to eat it. At night they lit the house with oil lamps and heated the house with their wood stove. They cooked on their propane stove top, and also on the wood stove to prove that they could do it. They played Uno with the children, who also enjoyed camping in the living room in sleeping bags for fun. They also took time to list the things they'd done well preparing for a snowstorm and things they'd like to do differently in the future.   Shawn, Trina, Kalina and Kindan Brotherton went horse sledding, and later a long ride in the snow on horses for Trina and Kalina, and games and stories later. They had hot coffee from the wood stove in the morning and rain water for toilet flushing.


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