Adult rec leagues return

DALLAS — The City of Dallas adult recreation season is kicking off March 13 with co-ed volleyball. Teams need eight players (with a 10-team limit) and will play matches every Thursday through April 17 at LaCreole Middle School. The cost is $175 per team and fees are due by March 10.   The city began its adult recreation leagues last summer with adult basketball, flag football and softball leagues.    Now, the city is starting to expand its offerings to attract more people to join a variety of different leagues.    “We really gained a lot of momentum (last year) and reaffirmed that people are interested,” Dallas Youth Sports Coordinator David Brautigam said. “We have about 25 ideas on what we want to do. I minimized that list and wanted to knock out the things we know we can do before we get into other stuff.”    The city is looking to build on what it restarted in 2013 by offering new sports.    “I think our biggest focus was getting them established, making sure they ran properly and that everyone was having fun with it,” Brautigam said. “We’ve done a very good job with that. We learned that there are a lot of people who want to do a lot of different things. They want to be active.”    Among the sports that will be offered this year will be basketball, softball, flag football and, the city’s newest addition, dodge ball.    “The need was out there and is real, and we want to capitalize on it and continue to re-energize what we did last year,” Brautigam said.    While the recreation leagues will offer adults a chance to compete, Brautigam said they also represent a chance to have fun.    And, no matter what your skill level, the leagues are open, inviting and provide an opportunity for everyone to play in a fun environment.    “I would say they are competitive and not,” Brautigam said. “I looked at our men’s basketball league and here were guys that played college basketball who were playing with teammates who hadn’t played since high school, and that was 15 years ago. It was the same with our softball league. … There is a good mixture of both worlds.”    As Brautigam readies more rec leagues for participation, he also envisions adding more activities in the future, including paintball.    “The first thing we wanted to do was get the advice from our committee,” Brautigam said. “We had a variety of ages, so there was a lot of different advice. As we get going with the rec leagues, we’ll put a survey out to help us to decide which activities to offer in the future.”    But for now, Brautigam is content to continuing to help the adult recreation program grow.    And as the city looks to offer adults more chances to stay active, the city has high hopes to see increased numbers in 2014 and beyond.    “Let’s get things established,” Brautigam said. “Once we get these things established, and we’re not even a year through doing a lot of this stuff, we can look to what we can add on.”    For more information, contact Brautigam at 503-831-3559 or email to


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