Annual ‘Chick Day’ coming to Old Mill

DALLAS — The chicks are coming.    Saturday is Old Mill Feed & Garden’s annual celebration of spring and baby chickens, best known as “Chick Day.”    Anyone looking to start a backyard flock or add to an already bustling barnyard, Chick Day is for you. Even those simply curious about raising poultry are welcome to join the fun.    Doors at Old Mill Feed &?Garden, 1313 Main St., Dallas, will open at 8:30 a.m., but due to the popularity of the annual chick extravaganza, it is best to arrive early. Coffee and cider will be served to those waiting in line.   A large variety of baby chicks will be available, including popular breeds like White Leghorns, Rhode Island Reds and Barred Plymouth Rocks. There will also be baby ducks available.   For more information, or to check out a “chick list” of the breeds available, go to or call 503-831-1222.

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