Marr Bros. rezoning decision appealed

MONMOUTH — Olsen Design has filed an appeal with the Land Use Board of Appeals regarding a 7.46 acre parcel of property owned by Marr Bros. Bark.   The appeal has to do with a change to the Comprehensive Plan Map, approved by the Monmouth City Council, changing the parcel from low-density residential to industrial use. Marr Bros. Bark intends to extend its business onto the parcel, located at 875 S. Pacific Highway (99W).   The city compiled and submitted the record of the application to LUBA on Dec. 16, said Mark Fancey, Monmouth community development director.    "The specific reasons for the appeal have not yet been filed," Fancey said.   Olsen Design is the developer of the Edwards Addition subdivision in Monmouth.   Oral arguments before LUBA will be scheduled in February, with a decision coming in April or May, Fancey said.   City Manager Scott McClure said land use laws are so detailed, LUBA will probably find something technical that the city will need to readdress.   The parcel of land in question is not inside city limits, but is in the city's urban growth boundary.   McClure said county officials left it up to Monmouth to make the decision on whether or not to allow industrial use on the land, and then county officials would ratify that agreement.   County officials cannot ratify it until it is out of the appeals process.


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