2014 general election unofficial results are in

POLK COUNTY – The 2014 general election unofficial results are in. Polk County voted quite differently on some positions and measures than the rest of the state.

For the position of governor, candidate Dennis Richardson was ahead in Polk County 53 percent to 41 percent for Gov. John Kitzhaber. Statewide, however, Kitzhaber won by nearly 50 percent to Richardson’s 44 percent.

The other way Polk County voted contrary to the bulk of the state is on Measure 91, which legalizes marijuana for recreational use. Polk County voters said no – 52.66 percent to 47.34 percent – while statewide, the measure passed with 55.7 percent of voters saying yes to marijuana.

In Dallas, Mayor Brian Dalton garnered 95.38 percent of the vote, running unopposed. Dallas City Councilors elected are Jim Fairchild (3,055 votes, 19.05 percent), Jackie Lawson (2,727 votes, 17 percent), Micky Garus (2,583 votes, 16.11 percent) and Bill Hahn (2,396 votes, 14.94 percent).

Falls City City Council will include Tony Meier, Jennifer Drill and Lori Jean Sickles. Each garnered about 30 percent of the vote.

Independence mayor and council seats were unopposed and all were re-elected: Mayor John McArdle received 95.69 percent; Councilwoman Diana Lindskog received 97.47 percent; Councilwoman Marilyn Morton got 97.26 percent; and Tom Takacs garnered 98.03 percent.

In Monmouth, Mayor John Oberst ran unopposed and received 93.8 percent of the vote. Monmouth City Council will see a new face in Royal Johnson (982 votes, 21.56 percent), who edged out candidate Gerry Blankenheim (862 votes, 18.92 percent) by 120 votes. Councilmen Jon Carey (1,438 votes, 31.57 percent) and Marshall Guthrie (1,185 votes, 26.02 percent) were re-elected.

Both charters in Falls City and in Dallas were approved by voters. Falls City squeaked by with 197 ‘yes’ votes and 183 ‘no’ votes. Dallas’ charter passed with 3,434 ‘yes’ votes (65.43 percent) and 1,814 ‘no’ votes (34.57 percent).

Both Falls City School District and Dallas School District had bonds on the ballot. Both passed.

Falls City School District’s bond passed overwhelmingly with 365 ‘yes’ votes (73.15 percent) to 134 ‘no’ votes (26.85 percent). Dallas School District’s bond passed, but with much closer results: 4,717 voted ‘yes’ (53.26 percent), while 4,139 voted ‘no’ (46.74 percent).

Incumbent David Simmons won the only contested seat on the Polk Soil & Water Conservation District Board, defeating challenger Melvin Chase 8,643 votes (62.69 percent) to 4,872 votes (35.34 percent) for the Zone 2 seat. David McKibben, running unopposed, took 14,978 votes (98 percent) for Zone 3, while Frank Pender Jr., also unopposed, received 15,177 votes (98.59 percent) for the at large seat.

No candidates filed for PSWCD Zone 4 and Zone 5 seats, so they will remain unfilled. Vacant board positions may be filled by appointment either by the Oregon Department of Agriculture or by a majority vote of the remaining board members after Jan. 1.

State measures 86 (allowing the state to go into debt for student financial aid), 88 (allowing immigrants to get a driver ID card), and 90 (allowing open primaries) failed both in county and statewide.

State Measure 92, requiring labeling of genetically modified organisms, failed in county, and is failing statewide by a narrow margin: 50.6 percent voted no compared to 49.4 percent voting yes.

State measures 87 (allowing state judges to work for other government agencies), 89 (equal rights amendment) and 91 (legalizing marijuana) passed statewide.

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