Council candidate

thanks supporters

I wanted to say “thank you” to everyone who supported me in my run for a seat on the Dallas City Council. The response and enthusiasm for our community was overwhelming.

Please find ways as citizens and community members to get involved in your neighborhood, your city, your state and your world. It’s yours.

See you at a city council meeting. Thanks, again.

Joe Koubek


PSD negotiations

taking too long

The Perrydale teachers and school board have been in contractual negotiations for nine months. Why? As a parent of children who attend Perrydale School, I am very concerned about this.

In my opinion, Perrydale teachers are professionals who are student-centered, accomplishing a high academic achievement rate, successful athletic teams and maintaining an overall excellent school community for all students. When teacher moral is lowered, i.e. the teachers may feel the school board doesn't think they are worth increases in pay, the quality of education may decrease.

From the social media forums I have read, the requests of the teachers appear to be reasonable; however, I have yet to read what the school board is requesting. I’d like to know both sides. I’m concerned that if a contract agreement isn’t reached soon, the quality of our school may be jeopardized, ultimately impacting the education of my children.

Paula Abrams

Perrydale (Amity)

Teachers should be

considered assets

Teachers of Perrydale School District are currently working under an expired contract, and I’d like to provide some perspective on this issue as a community member and former student.

When money becomes more important than the education of students and the livelihoods of educators, it’s very clear that greed and self-importance have trumped making the world a better place.

As a former student of Perrydale School District, I support the teachers every step of the way in their fight for a fair and respectful contract.

The women and men at Perrydale who dedicate their lives to teaching children do more than explain algebra and Shakespeare; they help cultivate the minds of young people who may become doctors, politicians or inventors in the future.

When an individual takes on the title of “teacher,” they also accept the responsibility of molding the minds of the next generation’s adults.

Good teachers help raise their students, teach them critical thinking, and give them skills to succeed in the future.

Perrydale School District is well known for its above-average ratings and high test scores. The long waitlist for the school indicates parents’ desire to have their children succeed. My experience at Perrydale inspired me to go above and beyond expectations, the teachers being the most influential facet. It is not an exaggeration to say that Perrydale’s success is a result of the teachers’ hard work.

Currently, Perrydale teachers and the school board are discussing possible contract solutions. Negotiations have been difficult and unsuccessful, but the teachers remain to serve their important role in the lives of many students despite this experience that is no less than injustice. Teachers are assets — not expenses — and we should trust the judgment of the individuals we tax with educating our children.

Brianne Nordin


City stop sign issue

must be addressed

I recently called the city in regards to a stop sign on Howe Street on the south side of Southeast Birch Street that was being twisted from the post by a man who claimed to work for the local trailer company. I was told the city would fix the stop sign, which had a loose screw.

On Nov. 6, the stop sign still is missing a screw and just down the street is Chemeketa Community College and the high school. If the sign disappears for someone’s collection some driver could be killed — maybe a student.

Madison Rothchild


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