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New city councilor

thankful of support

I would like to thank the individuals who elected me to the Dallas City Council. I appreciate the opportunity to serve our community.

I am available for questions, concerns or discussions on the direction of our community.

Bill Hahn


Subject of story

is an inspiration

I just read the article about Kim Merrill (“Above and beyond the call,” Nov. 12 Itemizer-Observer). What a great tribute to her.

Kim is our leader at Dallas TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly). She is definitely an advocate for living a healthy lifestyle.

I have so much respect for her.

Helvi Ross


Lack of response

to issue disturbing

In response to the article “County code concerns” (Nov. 12 Itemizer-Observer), my spouse and I own a new multi-acre home site that has a common boundary to the property shown in the large photo on the front page.

A photo caption on another of the photos states “Polk County, DEQ, and the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde have stepped in to remedy conditions.” That is not the case. The tribe does not have jurisdiction in Polk County on non-tribal lands, but has assisted a tribal neighbor with obtaining a variance for a home site.

The adjoining property owner to my land advised me that the Department of Environmental Quality sent him correspondence regarding alleged solid waste and other violations. Jerry Jackson, the Polk County code enforcement officer, visited the property in August 2014. “No violations” were reported to DEQ. Solid waste, tires, hazardous waste, inoperable vehicles and metal recycling material are located at the property.

I was advised by the county’s community development director to contact the sheriff’s department about being subjected to home-made bombs detonated on my property. An investigation was done at my neighbor’s property and reported to community development. A notation of Jerry Jackson’s visit, nor the sheriffs’ report, has been added to the property owner’s record as of Nov. 10.

I was advised a code violation complainant’s name will be disclosed to a property owner, if requested. Pursuant to Oregon public disclosure law, a complainant’s name can be kept confidential, unless a case escalates to trial.

The Polk County commissioners were advised of these problems in a public meeting Sept. 10. The lack of code enforcement is discouraging investment, stagnates the real estate market, and keeps tourists away.

Michelle Fink

Grand Ronde

Good Samaritans’

deeds appreciated

My heartfelt thanks to all who helped me following the head-on collision on East Ellendale Avenue on Oct. 26.

Thanks to the woman who held my hand, the man who made a phone call, the man who brought a bag of ice, those who waited with me, and to the professionalism of the local emergency services and law enforcement groups.

Thanks also to the family of Trinity Lutheran Church and our friends at Ceres Gleann for the flowers, cards, food, visits, making the walker available and the prayers. I also want to thank the staff at Dallas Retirement Village for taking care of my husband because I wasn’t able.

Finally, to my daughters, Jill and Kelly, along with their families, for their constant care and concern. My sincere appreciation.

Diane Klipfel


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