Evans best choice

for District 20 race

I urge voters in House District 20 to consider candidate Paul Evans.

He has demonstrated experience in and out of government. He has crafted legislation and balanced budgets, and he is a veteran who has served with distinction in high-pressure situations.

I have spoken with Paul Evans about the issues that matter to me. His positions on them are well thought out and informed by research, consideration of the facts and experience.

As a local resident, I am pleased Paul Evans is running for representative. He is a man of honesty and integrity, and will advocate for our interests.

Shannon Cockayne


Tree planting help

greatly appreciated

As part of the National Day of Service on Sept. 13, almost 80 volunteers showed up to plant 48 trees at Monmouth Dog Park, located at Monmouth Recreational Park, 410 Hogan Road.

The tree planting proved to be one of the largest volunteer tree plantings ever in Monmouth. This project not only beautifies the park and surrounding area, but will provide some much-needed shade for dog park users.

On behalf of the Friends of Monmouth Dog Park, we would like to shout out a big “thank you” to the youth from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Western Oregon University softball team and many other committed volunteers who helped with this event.

Ruth Firestone


School bond a real

win-win for district

Measure 27-116 will be on the Nov. 4 ballot. With no estimated tax rate increase, this measure will allow Dallas School District to maintain and upgrade every aging building in Dallas.

A committee of community members has spent seven months developing a long-range facilities plan for repairs and upgrades (go to www.dallas.k12.or.us to review this plan). After reviewing this plan, I think you will agree that this measure is a true win for our students and community.

Join me in supporting this group’s work by voting “yes” for Measure 27-116.

Vickie Boer


Davis makes sense

for House Dist. 23

This election, District 23 has a real choice.

We have Wanda Davis, a lifetime Oregonian and a person with many local friends. She will get her directions from District 23.

Otherwise, we have a tea partyer from Georgia who gets his marching orders from the Koch brothers.

Davis will work to find solutions for Oregon’s issues. Her opponent says he will work with no one who does not accept his agenda. His objective is the accumulation of power for the tea party.

The choice is clear: Elect a bright, articulate candidate, or someone whose agenda is disrupt, destroy and delay.

Fred Brown


Great value exists

in bond measure

Dallas School District taxpayers have a rare opportunity. We have a chance to get “something” really good for “nothing.”

A citizen group proposed and the local school board approved a bond levy for the November election that will not increase our taxes.

The new bond would keep tax rates at the same level. Some of the things the bond includes are: repair and replacement of roofs; replacement of plumbing and electrical systems; energy improvements; safety and security projects; repurposing of underutilized space to add teaching areas; and technology upgrades.

Join me in voting “yes” for schools.

Lynn A. Hurt


Is BOC incumbent

the right choice?

Craig Pope is an articulate politician skilled at deflecting uncomfortable questions by alleging the questioner distorts the truth.

Pope is a self-assured decision-maker with little use for conflicting views or consultative decision-making processes.

Pope expresses outrage and mistrust because I publicly questioned his actions over the last 3¾ years — adopting budgets that decimated Polk County public safety services, while asking voters to increase property taxes but never expressing an opinion on the tax increase.

Given these experiences, I ask the commissioner to explain how his re-election will positively benefit Polk County residents?

E.M. Easterly

West Salem

Nearman stands up

for what is right

I recently visited with Mike Nearman, candidate for District 23, and his wife Debby. What a great couple.

I appreciate that Mike is a stong supporter of traditional marriage — it’s an important cultural foundation of stability. He defends the right to life for the most vulnerable, our preborn and elderly. At a time when families and these foundational values are being ridiculed, we need people like Mike Nearman to stand up for what is right.

Mike is a strong voice for careful spending, improving education and protecting your right to bear arms.

Vote for Mike Nearman for House District 23.

Kip Daberkow


Support for Ford

program valued

We are writing to thank everyone who supported and attended our “Light The Park / Sign The Trail” fundraiser at Pressed Coffee and Wine Bar in Dallas on Sept. 18.

We are pleased to announce that we raised just over $2,000 through the support and generosity of community members. This money, along with additional funds raised by us, matching grants and other support from the community, will allow us to complete the project we initiated in our communities of Falls City and Dallas.

Who are we? We are the Ford Institute Leadership Program’s Dallas / Falls City Cohort 2. The leadership program teaches groups of motivated community members how to lead. In return, the groups promise to complete a project benefitting their respective communities, with the opportunity to earn financial support from the Ford Family Foundation by raising matching funds.

What is our project? Our project will enhance outdoor recreation opportunities in Dallas and Falls City and includes safety, lighting and electrical upgrades at Falls City’s Faye Wilson Memorial Park; and the addition of interpretive signage to the Rickreall Creek Trail System in Dallas. This will be a turn-key project that is designed to be scalable, easy to maintain and reasonably priced; and has the full support of leaders in both communities.

We enjoyed the musical talent of Aaron Gibson and were able to offer many unique silent auction items graciously provided by local businesses and individuals. Special thanks to Doug and Rachel of Pressed Coffee and Wine Bar and their staff for hosting the event.

Thanks again to everyone from the FILP Dallas / Falls City cohort for their many hours of work to put together such a fun event. For more information about the project, call Ben Bobeda at 503-551-3589 or Joe Koubek 503-480-4093.

Ben Bobeda


Ignore the games,

vote Pope for BOC

A recent letter by Danny Jaffer supporters deserves a response.

First, Mr. Easterly’s request for answers to his question was that all answers from Craig Pope could be edited. This is like telling a rattlesnake not to bite you. If Mr. Easterly wants answers, he can go to the commissioner’s office and talk directly to Craig.

Jaffer, Weston and others were the supporters of non-partisan elections. Looks like they have completely abandoned this concept.

At this writing, Mr. Jaffer has attended one commissioner’s meeting.

Please vote for Craig Pope.

Gerald Freeman


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