Try alternatives

to public schools

In the Sept. 17 Itemizer-Observer, I read two stories: one about overcrowded school classes; and the other, an opinion piece wanting voters to vote “yes” on a bond measure for the schools.

School funding use to be paid for by timber sales, but we know what happened with those.

Both stories make a case for parents using home-schooling, online schooling or charter schools. The class size problem would be fixed, as fewer students would be enrolling in public schools.

The second issue of building repairs and maintenance … less kids going to the public schools equals less wear and tear, less building space needed, fewer administrators, teachers and janitors, less heating and electricity costs, and so on.

Buildings no longer being used could be sold or leased for other purposes. This has been done before — look up the history of the Academy Building.

A computer and Internet is fairly cheap these days and most parents already have those, plus many schools districts hand out laptops to kids. Textbooks can be online and downloaded inexpensively. Many kids already do their research online, so why do I need to send my kid to a building where they are just going to do research on a computer anyways? Send me the lesson, I can do it at home. It’s much cheaper than paying to fix up 60-year-old buildings.

State report cards continually rank most schools as average or below, with a few exceptions in either direction up or down. So, why do we keep giving them money?

Look into alternative methods for teaching your children. I know not everyone can do it, but the public schools are failing our kids, and now you have nationalization (Common Core) to deal with.

Lincoln Todd


Show compassion;

vote ‘yes’ on 88

Vote “yes” on Measure 88, which will allow undocumented people in our community to have a driver’s license.

I have lived and worked in Polk County as an educator for 30 years. I drive by farms where undocumented workers are harvesting our crops. I know many Latino students and friends who were brought here as young children, and know no other life, yet are not “legal.” Is it fair to keep them from driving to school, work, the store or hospital?

View people as individuals working to support families and better their lives. Show compassion and respect. Support Measure 88.

Patty Dixon


Just campaign on

your own merits

To all candidates: I will not vote for anyone who blames, bashes or slanders their opponents.

It is negative, immature, incompetent, irrelevant and immaterial. Instead of your own agenda, what are you going to do for “We the people ...?” Remember us?

In the capacity of your office, will you have enough integrity to cooperate for the good of the people? Will you stop the partisan polarization — grow up! — and work together?

I would like to know about you? What makes you think YOU are capable of doing the job?

Patricia A. Fusano


Koubek has vision

to guide Dallas

Fellow citizens of Dallas, please join me in casting a vote for Joe Koubek for Dallas City Council.

I have known Joe for several years now, and find him to be very evolved and knowledgeable concerning our city and its government.

He gives freely of his time and energy to help our community. He also has the vision to guide our fine city into a better future.

John Barbour


Nearman a voice

for conservatives

I hope the voters will support Mike Nearman for state representative.

I know Mike will support traditional conservative values of marriage and family. In a state like Oregon, where the liberal “Keep Portland Weird” crowd controls much of the state, it is nice to know that there are those in Oregon who want to keep the rest of Oregon normal.

We need someone like Mike in Salem who will fight for conservative values and help get Oregon back on track both socially and economically.

Please vote for Mike Nearman for House District 23.

Rich Graham


Supporting school

bond good for all

We moved to Dallas 35 years ago to teach and raise our family. One of the reasons we chose to stay all these years is because of the community support for kids and schools.

Although our buildings have aged, citizens of Dallas have supported levies to ensure that they are maintained. We feel confident that school officials have been good stewards of that money, so we are voting “yes” on Bond Measure 27-116.

We are retired now, but we will continue to support our schools because it’s good for kids, and good for our community. Join us in voting “yes.”

Kevin and Nancy Moen


Pope is a proven

leader for county

I have read of so many complaints about our county commissioners. I, for one, feel the leadership we have is working very hard to represent our county in the best possible way.

The complaints about the timber money are out of line. It’s the federal government that has caused the timber problems.

Craig Pope is an excellent worker for our county and he deserves our support. Let’s work with our government, not against them.

Vote for Craig Pope for Polk County Commissioner.

Caroline Freeman


City development:

watch for flooding

After reading the article from Oct. 8 regarding the city of Independence building plans for the Valley Concrete site along the Willamette River (“City has big plans for riverfront”) ... is your memory so short that the 1996 floods don’t come to mind?

The Independence Riverview Park “bowl” was completely under water and you want to build a hotel, apartments and small business outlets?

I hope the city is prepared to pay for a good flood insurance policy.

Pat Sougstad


Pope clear choice

for commissioner

Polk County is facing serious challenges, and we need a serious, dedicated commissioner to solve them.

Craig Pope is this commissioner.

His opponent, Danny Jaffer, has not attended any Board of Commissioners’ meetings this year. Mr. Jaffer has no idea of the challenges facing the county, let alone how to solve them.

Craig has both the knowledge and skills needed to find sustainable solutions to secure Polk County’s future. When it comes to seasoned performance, balanced perspective and proven capabilities, Craig Pope is clearly the best choice to be Polk County’s commissioner.

Eric Chase


Evans is qualified

for HD 20 position

Qualified candidates focus on issues. Inexperienced, unqualified candidates spew personal attacks.

Kathy Goss is clearly inexperienced and unqualified. She has done nothing but call Paul Evans names and make up lies. Hers is a campaign of desperation.

Goss is so unsure of herself that she won’t show up for debates or public appearances, especially since she was such a disaster in her one and only debate with Paul. If she cannot handle herself in a debate, she certainly cannot handle herself in office.

Paul Evans is the right choice. He has experience, is a leader, and can do the job.

Alan Holland

West Salem

Write-in candidate

should bow out

Write in Jim Thompson? No way.

This is why politicians are regarded so low. Mr. Thompson was beat fair and square and should man up, and he and his supporters need to get behind the winner, Mike Nearman.

Polk County Republicans have worked hard to get candidates and voters interested in elections. Trying a write-in campaign is not helping. This is wrong. Mr. Thompson is a Precinct Committee Person and should be against this, but after being elected to office he thinks he’s entitled.

Larry W. Sundberg


Evans rises to top

in District 20 race

Do the research of the credentials and credibility of a candidate to make an informed vote. In House District 20, the candidate that rises to the top is Paul Evans.

Not only is he experienced, but he brings common sense and a clear perspective for separating those things of importance from those of little substance. Further, he aligns with and advocates for an enhanced quality of life for the individual citizen over moneyed interests and agendas.

Vote for the intelligent selection of Paul Evans over his opponent's emotional appeal, lack of experience, and minimal depth of understanding.

Ronald Glaus

West Salem

Jaffer will fix what is

broken in county

We deserve better from our county BOC.

Teamwork between county and city government is lacking and public safety is in dire straits. Danny Jaffer is committed to repairing these.

He is not afraid to answer (an advertisement’s) difficult questions for print in the Itemizer-Observer, unlike his opponent.

Highly experienced in leadership and public service, Jaffer will serve with integrity. His commitment to Polk County is obvious. He volunteers in several areas of the county, including Luckiamute Domestic Water Cooperative, Central Lions Club and Ella Curran Food Bank.

Visit www.dannyjaffer.com and discover why Jaffer is the obvious choice for Polk County.

Dori Showell


Goss will help get

economy working

Kathy Goss is the best choice for State Representative, District 20.

She has years of experience running successful businesses that served Oregonians while maintaining many jobs that support local economies and families.

The Oregon Legislature needs more representatives who know what it means to bear the responsibility of providing a payroll and supporting a local economy, and fewer of those who have earned their livings on the back of the taxpayer.

George Guntermann

West Salem

Garus is who Dallas

needs on council

I totally support Micky Garus for Dallas City Council. He stands, through his reputation, for everything we need in this community.

He is proactive toward growth and will help lead our city in a positive direction through open, positive cooperation with potential businesses.

Micky is not afraid to stand up, voice his opinions and work toward making our city what it once was and can be again. It takes change to make change.

Join me and vote for Micky Garus for Dallas City Council. It’s a vote you won’t regret.

Nancie Rogers


Evans is qualified

for House position

While I appreciate the I-O’s coverage of the District 20 race, Emily Mentzer should have been more thorough in her reporting.

She should have mentioned that the race “turned ugly” in the first Evans-Goss debate, when Goss flubbed so many facts she then created the “bully” myth to justify ditching the rest of the debates. Mentzer should have mentioned that Paul Evans never said he favored abortion into the ninth month of pregnancy; everyone lets Goss get away with that untruth.

Paul Evans isn’t perfect, but he has run a clean campaign and is the most qualified for office.

Amanda Deyerle

West Salem

Trahan would serve

Dallas citizens well

Please support Dallas City Council candidate Paul Trahan.

I became acquainted with Mr. Trahan many years ago through Perrydale School athletics. Through my involvement with athletics boosters, we worked together during numerous events over many years.

This is an individual who volunteers countless hours as a team trainer for many sports at our school.

Our student athletics respect him and enjoy his great sense of humor.

As a school board member, I have appreciated his consulting on a couple policy issues that directly impacted student safety.

When you consider your ballot, vote Paul Trahan. Involvement in community and character count.

Lisa Mitchell


Pope deserving

of re-election bid

Polk County Commissioner Craig Pope has earned the respect of his constituents.

He does his homework, is a proven leader, and works very hard.

He should be re-elected to another term.

Ron Dodge


School bond won’t

raise your taxes

Vote “yes” on Measure 27-116.

This levy will not increase your tax rate. The levy will allow the Dallas School District to continue to upgrade its existing facilities.

Dallas schools need to be maintained in the best condition possible as the city of Dallas continues to look for new industry and businesses to come to our community. One question they ask is how is the school system in your community? This is very important for new employers as they hire their new employees to have good education available for their families.

Please vote “yes” on Measure 27-116.

LaVonne Wilson


Republican Party

is on wrong path

As a lifelong Republican, it’s disheartening to see the party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Reagan and Hatfield now led by dogmatic obstructionists.

Those great leaders produced some of America’s greatest moments, but the new breed of Republican offers nothing of substance. If it continues in its current direction, the GOP will be totally irrelevant — if not extinct — in another generation.

District 23 incumbent Jim Thompson understands the need to work cooperatively with those of differing views to achieve mutually agreeable solutions, and wisely foresaw the current crisis resulting from the law enforcement levy failure.

I’m writing in Jim Thompson’s name.

John Wenos


Write-in campaign

is just sour grapes

I would like to respond to the write-in candidate for state representative (District 23) for the Republican Party.

This sounds a lot like sour grapes. Whatever happened to acting like a statesman and a gentleman?

Just because he lost the support of the majority of his party nomination does not mean that he should sabotage the efforts of all those that did not support him.

I would hope that he would reconsider this effort for the betterment of our cause.

Richard Hoefler


Republicans should

support Nearman

I have been a life-long Republican and resent the group of so-called Republicans who are not supporting our Republican candidate, Mike Nearman, who won the House District 23 primary election.

Republicans need to stand behind their elected candidate and the Republican platform. By trying to get a write-in vote promoted these people do not represent the majority of our Republican Party.

Debbie Pickering


Most qualified for

BOC post is Pope

I am curious why the candidate running against Commissioner Craig Pope thinks he is more qualified.

Craig has a strong work ethic and dedication to Polk County. He has been very active on local and state issues. Getting back the illegally withdrawn O & C timber money has been a high priority for Craig, which would restore many budget cuts. Public safety is the major area needing restored.

Mr. Jaffer promises to solve county problems. He admits not attending any commissioner board meetings. Can he possibly be more qualified than Pope?

Avoid disaster in Polk County — re-elect Craig Pope.

Wayne Simmons

West Salem

HD23 voters do

have a choice

The residents of House District 23 do not have to vote for the candidate who has been placed on the ballot by a very small minority of residents during the primary election.

You all have the right to write in Jim Thompson’s name on the ballot. Yes, the same Jim Thompson who has served you with honesty and integrity for the last six years.

Don’t let this minority dictate to you how to vote. The good citizens of District 23 can be heard. Write in Jim Thompson’s name and fill in the oval. Make your vote count.

Lynnette Henshaw


Vote for Garus for

Dallas City Council

During the last 15 years I have worked with many elected officials. The good ones are there because they are passionate and want to make a difference.

Micky Garus is one of the good ones.

Micky is passionate about Dallas and wants the city to prosper. Micky knows it’s going to be hard work to bring business back to Dallas and is ready for the challenge. Micky is a regular guy who is a man of his word, and won’t change who he is for a vote.

A vote for Micky Garus is a vote for the future of Dallas.

Walt Markee


Maintenance bond

worthy of ‘yes’ vote

Once again citizens of Dallas are being asked to approve a maintenance bond for our school buildings.

“Why?” The answer is that our school buildings are old, the newest being almost 40. Buildings this age require significant and expensive maintenance, such as roofs and boilers.

In addition, technology has changed. When these buildings were built, computers weren’t required in every classroom so utilities need to be updated to meet current teaching needs.

While much has been accomplished with the current bond, more remains. Join me in voting “yes” on Measure 27-116, a maintenance measure that does not raise taxes.

Russell Dimberg


Garus good choice

for council position

I strongly encourage you to vote for Micky Garus for Dallas City Council.

Micky would be an excellent city council member who would work to ensure Dallas continues to be an outstanding place to live or to start a new business.

Micky not only listens to the residents of Dallas, he cares about what they are saying. He is open to ideas, even if they conflict with his own views.

In short, Micky cares about Dallas, the people in it, and their vision of what the perfect small town should look like. Elect Micky Garus to the city council.

Robert Spivey



aren’t worth much

I’m sure those who submit candidate and initiative endorsements feel strongly about it. I’m glad you have an opinion and are not apathetic about the election.

However, since I don’t know you I cannot put any weight into your position or those bombarding my home with phone calls and mailings.

I tend to turn my back on candidates who participate in negative advertising. I particularly pay no attention to recommendations made by newspapers.

My preference is for newspapers to exclude opinions endorsing any candidate or initiative. Folks have a brain and should be using it to make their own decisions.

Judi West


Thompson worthy

write-in option

As a Polk County Republican, I was pleased to hear the recent news that Jim Thompson was now a write-in candidate for House District 23.

Thompson has served our district well and represented a vast number of people and issues.

I was extremely disappointed in the negative and misleading campaign his opponent, Mike Nearman, ran during the May primary, and I have no interest in supporting such a candidate. I also would prefer not to support a Democratic Party candidate.

I will be writing in Jim Thompson for House District 23.

James Smith


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