Last Call for Election Letters

• A reminder that the last chance to have your political endorsement letters regarding the Nov. 4 general election published in the Itemizer-Observer is in the Oct. 29 issue. Deadline for all Letters to the Editor is Monday at 10 a.m. No political endorsement letters will be accepted for publication or online after that time.


Jaffer would bring

new outlook to BOC

Polk County’s problems need a new face and mind to resolve them. Danny Jaffer brings that to the task.

Danny has had experience managing large scale government and business operations.

Danny believes in his home community — he shows it through volunteer work, club participation, service as chairman of a local water board and as a candidate for county commissioner.

Voting for Danny Jaffer brings a new outlook to solving the problems besetting Polk County government today.

Dave Weston


Eagle Scout thanks

project helpers

On Oct. 11, I conducted an Eagle Scout project benefiting Rickreall Fire Department. I built an obstacle course for them, and had public information available concerning the costs and types of emergencies that are associated with the fire departments in SW Polk Rural Fire Protection District.

I would like to thank Rickreall Bargain Center for its generous donation of materials to the fire department for use to the project, and Salem Paint for offering paint at a discounted price.

And I owe many thanks to those who dedicated their Saturday to my project, either as volunteers or visitors.

To all these entities, I give my thanks.

Cade Rosenbalm


County needs team

builder like Jaffer

Danny Jaffer is my choice for Polk County commissioner.

His background as a Navy pilot, in community service and in the law proves he has the collaborative, team building skills needed to restore Polk County as the special unit of government it once was.

Phil Walker

West Salem

Keep Pope working

for Polk County

Polk County Commissioner Craig Pope has proven himself to be an experienced, knowledgeable, working commissioner. The citizens of Polk County would be best served by retaining him in service for you.

We need to keep in place reasonable officials with sharp minds, dedicated to good governance. Commissioner Pope does his job and does it well.

Craig has been busy working to solve funding, transportation and the safety needs of Polk County.

Vote for a proven leader who spends your tax money wisely. Vote to continue having Commissioner Craig Pope working for you and to keep Polk County in good hands.

Tim Wheeler


Political experience

for Senate counts

Our citizens running for political office should have prior experience in Oregon government.

Sen. Hatfield served in both houses of the Oregon Legislative Assembly, secretary of state, governor for two terms, and then he was elected our senator. He was ready for the Senate.

When I visited the Senate in the 1970s, I saw Sen. Hatfield walk in the corridor surrounded by about 15 senators. He was greatly admired. His stature was such that he was considered for vice president of the United States.

There are no short cuts for political experience.

Kenneth Johnson


Marijuana ads are

misleading public

Recent ads supporting Measure 91 are deceptive:

• Arrest for marijuana possession will ruin your life — not so; possession is treated as a parking ticket.

• Taxes (revenues) increase if pot is legal — not true, because social costs, similar to alcohol, will far exceed revenues.

• Frees up police — but legalization expands users committing more illegal acts.

The impact of legalizing pot:

• Regular use of marijuana before 18 decreases IQ.

• Teenage brains are changed by marijuana, with more mental health problems later in life.

• More kids are in marijuana treatment than for alcohol or other drugs combined because marijuana is now more potent.

George F. Irving


Leadership among

Jaffer’s best assets

I have known Danny Jaffer since childhood, which is why I know Danny has broad-reaching leadership experience and is a person of the utmost integrity.

He served our country as a helicopter and fixed-wing pilot and as an operations and plans officer. Danny is a veteran of numerous operations, from Desert Shield and Desert Storm to Indonesian earthquake relief. Currently serving as board president of the LDWC, he helps to oversee operations of one the largest water cooperatives in the state.

Danny has the leadership skills to move Polk County into a fiscally sound future.

Vote Jaffer for Polk County commissioner.

Cathy Jones-Foster

West Salem

Choose Johnson for

Monmouth council

We need Royal Johnson on Monmouth’s City Council.

Royal is a longtime (42 years) resident of Monmouth and has previous council experience. He has been staid and true through changes good and not so good.

A vote for Johnson is a vote for honesty and integrity and common sense. He will ask the right questions so you know where your tax dollars are being spent.

Vote for Royal Johnson.

Barbara Barbknecht


Davis would be a

breath of fresh air

I’ve been following all the back and forth about Republican candidates for House District 23, and I have my solution: I’m voting for Wanda Davis for the House for a breath of fresh air.

Wanda is a person who connects with working people who have gotten the short shrift for too long. She will represent all the people and not be beholden to big money. She is supported by small donors like me, and I am confident she will speak for all in the district because she listens.

Make the easy choice and mark your ballot for Wanda.

Dale Derouin


Jaffer is the change

our county needs

Polk County has been sliding downhill for the last several years. That’s why I’m voting for change, and Danny Jaffer for Polk County commissioner.

Danny does not profess to have all the answers, but he has the leadership experience and listening skills to bring people together so we come up with solutions that are accepted by citizens.

That’s what we need now, not more of the same.

Lois Derouin


Nearman not what

Dallas area needs

I like Dallas because of our diversity and community spirit. I think Wanda Davis and Jim Thompson get this.

They know that we need stronger educational and support services for our students, veterans and elderly. They’ve dedicated themselves to this community, not a tea party/Koch Brothers agenda.

I won’t be voting for Mike Nearman because I think he is focused on the wrong issues and his past leadership of an anti-immigrant group (OFIR) concerns me. We need leaders who are decisive, not divisive.

We deserve a representative who understands Dallas, in all its diversity. Not Mike Nearman.

Emily Plec


Dallas school bond

a wise investment

Our Dallas School District has long been acknowledged for being an outstanding school system at all levels, K-12. We simply can’t afford to allow the infrastructure to degrade over the coming years into disrepair with patchwork maintenance.

Sixty-plus-year-old buildings need shoring up to maintain even their basic operation. Proposed improvements have been well researched by a knowledgeable group. The proposed levy will maintain the facilities, replace antiquated equipment and provide for limited upgrades for the next eight years without raising taxes, simply maintaining the current rate.

We can’t afford NOT to approve this levy.

Ken Jacroux


Support Evans for

House District 20

Sometimes it is hard to make ends meet. I have a lot of health problems. Those of us who live on the margins can really suffer.

As a woman I totally support Paul Evans for House District 20. His idea of raising the minimum wage and helping to secure affordable college education will really help a lot of people get ahead in this world.

Paul is not afraid to debate any issue facing our state. I am asking for everyone to vote for Paul.

Penny Linwood


Elect Smith for

seat in Congress

I am a Republican and voting for Ms. Tootie Smith, who is a candidate for the United States House of Representatives from Oregon’s 5th Congressional District.

I respectfully encourage all registered voters in this district to cast their vote for Smith. We need a little more balance in Oregon.

To learn more about Smith, check her website: www.tootiesmith.com.

Earl Down


Write in Thompson

for representative

Rep. Jim Thompson’s record shows he has done an outstanding job representing House District 23 in the Oregon Legislature. He is well respected for his knowledge of the legislative process and his ability to work with others.

Largely due to low voter turnout in the May primary election, Jim’s opponent is the Republican candidate on the ballot.

It is my hope that after reviewing the qualifications of the candidates, you will write in Jim Thompson for your State Representative, District 23. It is also required that the oval box next to Jim’s name be filled in.

Jan Perry

Those who know him

will vote for Jaffer

I have known Danny Jaffer for several years, since he returned from his Navy service. As an ex-Marine, who thought the Vietnam War was nuts, I have great admiration for Jaffer.

A career man, Danny “hit the ground running” at every new station, did a great job, and never lost his sense of direction.

Danny is very intelligent, sharp, pays attention, and would stand out among Polk County commissioners. If you know Danny, you will vote for him.

Truman Price


Jaffer will work to

improve economy

Danny Jaffer’s knowledge of the issues, dedication to projects and willingness to work with others is tops.

His experience in the military taught him to go beyond working with teams; he can build teams. He’ll be effective collaborating with other government agencies, organizations and advisory groups.

Polk County’s budget shortage means we have fewer deputies on the road, making this county less safe. Danny will not blame other agencies — he will work to improve the economy of Polk County, strengthening our budget to cover such necessities as adequate policing.

Join me in voting Danny Jaffer for Polk County commissioner.

Roberta Cade

West Salem

Careless drivers

a growing concern

The drivers out there who think they’re the only ones on the road risk the lives of others because they’re in a hurry or late, or think their car is so fast and handles great, make me sick.

Well, let’s look at the people who die, including the children. Just for a moment, is your time worth killing someone else? Is this a selfish thing? Yes.

I have seen too much of this cutting in and out of traffic, pulling out in front of someone, speeding ... I can go on with them all.

Does anyone see or hear of someone who has been killed by all the above? Well then, think before you do a stupid move on the road. It’s not just a ticket if you get caught — it could be a life. Maybe yours, your children’s or someone you don’t know, but it could cost you your life and maybe jail time. I do every time I drive. I am doing my best to protect people around me. I’m a truck driver.

Be safe and think of others.

Ron Paris


Character, integrity

key traits of Pope

I am supporting Craig Pope for re-election as Polk County commissioner, and urge others to do the same.

Craig’s approach to managing the financial, physical and human assets of Polk County are practical and pragmatic, for the long haul rather than short-term fixes.

More important than his leadership is the issue of character and integrity. In the more than 40 years that I have known Craig, he has never once told me something that he did not believe to be true, even when we did not agree.

I encourage you to vote for Craig.

Norm Fairchild

West Salem

Koubek has Dallas’

interests at heart

It is my pleasure to endorse Joe Koubek for Dallas City Council. He is an individual who truly has this city’s interest at heart.

I can count on one hand how many people attend the city council meetings on a regular basis, and he is one of them. He stays connected with what is happening in the community and always takes the time to fully understand all sides of an issue. He is someone who will listen to our citizens and make our community a better place for our friends and families.

Cast your vote for Joe Koubek.

Sean Nickerson


Jaffer will bring

change to board

Danny Jaffer is the smart choice for Polk County commissioner.

On his website, Commissioner Pope states “most employers care little about certificates of achievement in educational institutions” over job understanding. I’m guessing educators, health care providers, the WOU and CCC communities, and other professionals might disagree.

Jaffer understands, and has taken advantage of, the opportunities a good education can provide.

Pope assures us our county is solvent. Sure, Polk County can pay its bills, but important services have been sacrificed, including public safety, to do so.

It’s time for a change. Vote for Danny Jaffer as Polk County commissioner.

Debbie Bach


Jaffer knows how

government works

I’ve known Danny Jaffer for several years and I’m confident he can get things done for us as a county commissioner in Polk County.

He’s practical minded and understands how government works, both at the state and local level. Danny is the only candidate at the county level who can bring new leadership capable of dealing with the county’s budget problems, safety issues and economic needs.

He’s a positive, energetic, solution-oriented leader with a genuine passion and commitment to public service.

Vote for the greater good. Vote Jaffer.

Jason Brown


Write-in campaign

takes courage

Congratulations to all of the candidates running for city council seats and other positions, but especially those unpaid, voluntary spots that are a labor from the heart. They are the heroes of democracy.

Some are gluttons for punishment such as House candidate Jim Thompson, who lost in the primary but has mounted a write-in campaign. Campaigning is neither fun nor cheap. You have to be dedicated. But, then, Lincoln ran three times before winning. What courage.

To steal a phrase, “God bless them, everyone.” And good luck and good feeling.

John Schoon


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