Koubek qualified

for council post

I have observed Joe Koubek’s participation in several council and public meetings, bringing new ideas and solutions to complex issues.

Joe raised key questions and offered thoughtful suggestions for solutions to problems at citizens advisory committee meetings on residential street funding.

I experienced Joe’s project management and team player skills when initiating the Dallas “Sign the Trail” interpretive Rickreall Creek signage project through the Ford Family Foundation leadership program. As a member of the Urban Renewal Advisory Committee, Joe secured up to a $2,500 funds commitment for signage completion.

I support Joe for Dallas City Council.

Rich Wolcott


Time for tax relief, vote ‘no’ on 27-116

A “no” vote on Measure 27-116 lowers property taxes. Taxes on a home assessed at $200,000 would be lowered by $348 per year; that is $2,748 over the life of the proposed bond measure.

The schools receive taxpayer money from the state to operate all phases of the school, including maintenance and repairs. The 2009 school bond measure will be paid off next year. The property taxpayers deserve some real tax relief before being hit with another school bond measure.

Vote “no” on 27-116.

L.C. Jenkins


Jaffer is ready to

step up for county

Join me in supporting Danny Jaffer for Polk County commissioner.

Danny was born and raised in Polk County and served in the United States Navy as a pilot for 20 years. Polk County needs new, dynamic leadership skills that Danny brings to the table. Danny has demonstrated these skills throughout his military career and his service to the Luckiamute Water District. Danny’s legal education will also enhance his service as a commissioner.

Polk County needs long-range planning and progressive thinking on how to update our roads and other infrastructures. Danny has the capabilities and willingness to take on these issues.

Jackie Pierce

West Salem

Write-in campaign

reflects poorly

Jim Thompson’s write-in campaign shows once again why Mike Nearman is the right man to replace him.

Politicians who are sore losers show they have no desire to govern according to the will of the people, but simply want to push their own agenda and keep themselves in political power. If Nearman had lost the primary election, would he be running a write-in campaign? Of course not. Nearman knows that true leadership is by the people, for the people.

Don’t write in Thompson’s name on your ballet. Vote for Nearman, our duly-elected Republican nominee for state representative.

Jeremy Myers


Keep Craig Pope

as commissioner

Craig Pope is a man who has dedicated his life to service in this county for decades.

He lives, pays taxes, serves, married his wife and raised his children here. Craig has supported our schools, fire departments and farming industry. It makes sense to keep him in office.

Our county cannot afford to go through years of teaching this position to another. Voters were correct in electing the right candidate the first time. Let’s stick with the plan and not get distracted just because another expensive election season comes around.

“Keep the Team.” Vote Craig Pope for Polk County commissioner.

Lynn Myer


Regulations have

become excessive

The phrase “We are from the government and we are here to help you” is usually the punch line of a joke.

No one who has had a visit from a governmental agency will tell you that it was a pleasurable experience. And it does not matter which agency. It could be the Department of Agriculture, a branch of the Treasury, usually known as the Internal Revenue Service, or someone from the Federal Bureau of Investigation or Health and Human Services.

Usually, the only reason that any agency of our government contacts us is to inform us that we have broken some kind of law or violated a regulation, and they have every intention of punishing us.

The key word throughout the entire government is “compliance.” We, the people, are required to be aware of every single law or regulation that is passed, and follow poorly worded and convoluted regulations without question. We can even be penalized for raising questions about the validity of regulations.

We are told that “Ignorance of the Law is no excuse,” and are supposed to be aware of laws that are thousands of pages long, that have not been properly distributed to us, have been voted on by our members of Congress in secret, and are not easily understandable by the general public. And the penalties for not following these laws are unbelievably harsh.

It is time to declare our freedom from excessive and punitive regulations. The laws of this country are made by members of Congress, who are elected by us, the people of the United States. There should be no such thing as a professional politician.

Richard C. Evans


Pickering will be a

champion for Dallas

Dallas is more than just a bedroom community. It’s your city, your home, and for many it’s where you work.

Your children attend school and play here. There are stores and tradespeople providing goods and services you need. Dallas has an industrial base with room for job growth.

Steve Pickering will be a champion for our city and wants to serve you on the city council. If you believe as Steve does that with the right priorities in city government, Dallas can be a thriving community, vote for Steve Pickering to serve on your city council.

Alan Minton


Johnson is a good

fit for Monmouth

Royal Johnson is a good fit for Monmouth City Council.

His work ethic and common sense is what Monmouth citizens need. His willingness to research issues that are in front of the council and vote justly is what should be required.

Please vote for Royal Johnson.

Cathy McLean


Business owner

thanks community

To the communities of Monmouth, Independence and Dallas: I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for a great 30 years of support while my family and I taught Western Tae Kwon-Do, which was based in Monmouth.

We have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of each and every one of our students’ lives. Please know that we will sincerely miss being able to build into people’s lives as well as all of the great friendships that we have developed over the years.

God has opened another door by blessing our Servpro business in Benton and Linn counties, to which we are applying the same principles there as we did in the martial arts school. I am blessed to still have my family working in this business with me as well.

Thank you again, and I pray that each and every one of you are blessed in your future endeavors.

Tim McGinnis


Measure 88 will

help local people

Created by faith communities and law enforcement, Measure 88 would provide limited purpose driver cards to eligible Oregon residents who struggle to provide proof of legal residence.

It affects many groups, including elderly people, victims of domestic violence and the LGBT community.

Everyone deserves to have a safe, legal way to access their work, school, church and hospitals. Measure 88 would allow applicants to know the rules of the road and obtain insurance.

People of faith, and all voters, can help ensure Oregon lives out the values of welcoming the stranger and supporting families by voting “yes” on Measure 88.

Travis Van Horn


Continue to back

our Dallas schools

I’ve been a parent volunteer at several schools in our district for over six years and can tell you that every dollar is being stretched as far as it can go.

I’ve seen chairs held together by duct tape, and children wearing coats in the classroom because the boiler went out.

This bond isn’t for extras; it is maintenance and will have a citizen oversight committee to ensure that funds are being used for their intended purpose. With no estimated tax increase, everyone wins.

Vote “yes” on School Bond Measure 27-116.

Sheila Myers


Sixth-graders step

up for arboretum

Oct. 21 was not a usual workday for volunteers at Delbert Hunter Arboretum in Dallas.

Teacher Michelle Schilling and 16 sixth-graders from LaCreole Middle School joined the volunteers in spreading wood chips around conifers and dressing up the trails of the arboretum.

These students exhibited a great eagerness for work. Ms. Schilling did a super job of preparing them for what they were to do. Their enthusiasm had a contagious effect on all of us.

Congratulations and thanks are due to everyone involved in this venture.

Carol Mannen


County can’t afford

to keep status quo

Four years ago Craig Pope asked for our vote for county commissioner so he could fix the problems in Polk County.

Today, the sherriff’s department only patrols between noon and 10 p.m. I’m not sure how allowing massive cuts in our first responders is fixing anything.

We can’t afford to maintain the status quo in Polk County. That’s why I’m encouraging my neighbors to vote for Danny Jaffer for Polk County commissioner.

Rich Foster

West Salem

Chamber supports

Dallas school bond

A community is known by many things, but the strength of a community is measured by its system of roads, strong public safety, services, great parks and, most of all, its school facilities.

The quality of our school system is a critical consideration for our existing businesses as well as attracting new businesses to the Dallas area. A high quality school system is a key in attracting quality employees to our businesses and institutions, and is a deciding factor for many families to live in Dallas, contributing to the community’s economy.

The Dallas chamber proudly supports this bond levy.

Bob Brannigan, president

Dallas Area Chamber of Commerce

Trahan well suited

for council position

Dallas residents have the opportunity to bring knowledgeable and focused leadership by electing Paul Trahan to the city council.

We have worked with Paul since the 1990s as a consultant and later as an employee of our real estate division. Paul’s experience owning his own engineering firm and working with our company throughout the state gives him an understanding of city and county governments and the need to streamline processes for the free enterprise system for small businesses.

Paul will work tirelessly for our community helping to bring family wage jobs, affordable housing and a strong school district to Dallas.

James and Candace Fowler


Jaffer has needed

BOC qualifications

What I want a county commissioner to be:

• Committed to placing the community’s interests ahead of his own, as shown by a track record of national service.

• Dedicated to working collaboratively with people instead of telling them how it is; one who listens to those directly affected by a government policy. No “my way or the highway” attitude.

• Dedicated to practical on-the-ground problem solving, not to a political ideology.

• Someone with deep local roots.

Danny Jaffer qualifies perfectly on all counts. He is the right person in the right place at the right time for Polk County.

David Shein


Koubek will work

hard for citizens

I am writing in support of Joe Koubek for Dallas City Council.

I have come to know Joe primarily through our regular attendance at council meetings and at public sessions offering input into the “Dallas 2030” vision. Joe frequently addresses the council on city and neighborhood issues, and his comments are always strongly citizen-centered and grounded in practical experience.

He is honest and forthright in presenting his views, and I know that he will work hard to ensure the best possible future for the people of Dallas.

He deserves your vote for city councilor.

James Foster


Keeping Pope best

choice for county

A well-run business would never fire a knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated employee just because someone who needed a job showed up and claimed he had “ideas” and “thought” he could do a better job.

Craig Pope has done so much to research and make connections throughout the area, the state and all the way to Washington, D.C., to improve, among many other issues, Polk County’s transportation infrastructure (a new bridge across the Willamette) and economic base (better access to our forest lands for healthier forests through proper local management).

Re-elect Craig Pope as our highly qualified county commissioner.

Anne Simila


Campaign lacking

integrity, honesty

I received a phone call for the “Republican nominee with 63 percent of the vote” late last week. It extolled the virtues of the conservative right candidate, Mike Nearman, over the populist views of Wanda Davis and spoke ill of the effort to write in Jim Thompson for representative.

What I expect from a candidate is honesty and integrity, which the phone call had neither. Only 18 percent of the registered voters in the primary voted. Sixty-three percent of 18 percent is 12 percent of the total voters. Neither a landslide or a mandate.

Vote honesty — write in Jim Thompson.

Jim Williams


Jaffer would bring

innovation to BOC

In a period of low funding and economic hardship for our county, we need innovative solutions to difficult problems.

Both candidates for county commissioner claim to have solutions to our budget issues. The difference is in their willingness to accept change and collaborate with government officials on all levels.

Danny Jaffer can provide these qualities. He recognizes the need to decrease reliance on old, exhausted industries and focus on future money sources, like tourism and wineries. He knows how to work alongside city and state governments to do this.

Danny Jaffer will ensure that your vote is used well.

Caleb Centanni


Bond will help us

keep good schools

As a Polk County taxpayer, I want to applaud our Dallas School Board for having the wisdom and foresight to request this bond measure.

One of the major components to keeping Dallas’ high livability is keeping it a good place to raise kids, and the school system is a major part of that.

Maintaining and improving our investment in our infrastructure just makes good sense. And the nice thing about it this time is that it is easy: It should not increase our tax rate, it merely extends the current rate.

I’m voting “yes” on Measure 27–116.

The Rev. M. Ann Bowersox


Candidate ready

to serve Dist. 23

Oregon has been my home for all of my life. I am committed to making Oregon the best it can be.

When elected, I will be the voice of the people of House District 23. I have shown my willingness to work across the aisle. In this election, voters from several parties support my candidacy.

I look forward to working with you as we move Oregon into the future. We have a lot to gain with reasonable leaders. I ask you for your vote.

Find out more online at http://wandadavis4oregonhouse23.nationbuilder.com/issues. Remember to vote by Tuesday, Nov. 4.

Wanda Davis


One person doesn’t

control water co-op

Luckiamute Domestic Water Co-op recently has been mentioned in many letters to the editor.

As a 10-year board member, I can tell you that no single officer or board member controls or directs our 1,000-member co-op alone. It is made up of five board members that control all the functions of this co-op jointly by consensus vote with input from the office manager and the field superintendent and members.

Bill J. Kluting, vice president

Luckiamute Domestic Water Co-op


Koubek has vision

to improve Dallas

Joe Koubek will make a great member of the Dallas city council, and here’s why.

He’s a civically-minded citizen of Dallas with an interest in the community and is actively involved. Some of his activities include: active membership of the Dallas volunteer fire department, regular attendance at city council meetings and, as part of a course in leadership, is the Dallas team leader of a project to improve the Rickreal trail system.

Joe has a vision for Dallas and would make a thoughtful, articulate and approachable Dallas city councilor. We are proud to support his candidacy.

Darvin and Terry Pierce


Local barber shop

thankful of support

Recently, Dallas City Barber Shop in the Ellendale Plaza celebrated its five-year anniversary.

We would like to sincerely thank the community for your support and business. We hope to continue to provide you the service that you have come to know from us. We are extremely grateful for your support.

Richard Hilker


Evans will best

represent locals

I am a data analyst. On Saturday, I decided to investigate the campaign finance transactions of HD 20 candidates available from the Oregon Secretary of State’s public website.

I discovered there were some striking differences.

Paul Evans’ contributors were primarily individuals, whereas Kathy Goss’ came from large organizations. Out-of-state contributions followed similar lines; Goss’ coming from national insurance, gas and pharmaceutical companies.

Our legislative district needs a representative who reflects our Oregonian values and interests, not the agenda of out-of-state insurance and big oil conglomerates. That’s why I am voting for Paul Evans.

“But, Grandmother! What big teeth you have.”

Micki Varney

West Salem

Bond an important

investment in DSD

I urge Dallas voters to support Measure 27-116, which will allow much-needed and long-delayed repairs and upgrades to Dallas’ aging school facilities and programs.

This measure does not increase taxes. It creates a “citizen oversight committee” to monitor and review expenditures before they are made. The lion’s share of funds will be used to address aging electrical, plumbing, heating, roofing and other basic operational and structural issues, and to reconfigure existing space for maximum classroom use.

This is an important investment and it comes at no additional expense to our citizens. I strongly urge you to vote “yes” for 27-116.

Kevin Marshall


Experience makes

Pope a clear choice

Craig Pope is the best candidate for Polk County commissioner.

He has four years of direct experience and is well known in surrounding counties and within the state government as an intelligent, efficient and fiscally responsible leader.

His opponent, however, doesn’t know anything about the job. He has not attended commissioner meetings or county budget sessions, and doesn’t have any direct experience in doing this complex job. He’s like someone who wants to be a land mine detector by stomping his foot on the ground.

We can’t afford to not re-elect Craig Pope. We need his expertise, knowledge and leadership.

Dennis W. Brown


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