Air quality deters Polk County tourism

After reading about Shawn Irvine, who is seeking ideas to promote Polk County tourism, (“Touting Tourism,” Sept. 10 Itemizer-Observer), all I could think was: “Are you kidding?”

I had a wedding and family reunion here a few years ago, and none of those guests want to return during the summer because of the awful air here.

It’s one thing after another from spring through fall. It begins with many chemical sprays, then comes extreme allergies with grass pollen, then more pesticides when bees are out, then separating the seed and burning the fields with allergenic dust and smoke, then poop pond water flooding and poop powder flinging (is that even legal near creeks?), and finally plowing the fields raising the most dust of all.

Many days we must stay inside the house with an air filter running just to breathe clean air. It’s sickening, yet no one wants to talk about it because no one wants to offend a farmer.

I like farmers, but the chemicals they have been convinced by the industry to apply are poisoning all of us and our yards. Besides initial over spray drift that you may notice in your own yard, nearly all of these poisons — you’d be scared if you knew what they are — evaporate into the air throughout the valley, and the world for that matter.

Dew on plants in the morning shade is where you’ll see the greatest effects of these chemical trespasses resettling.

Of course we all need jobs, and animals need to eat so that people who want to can eat them.

The farmer is a peg in a system like most of us are, just trying to make a living. Unfortunately, this one is especially toxic and affecting our health as well as our tourism industry.

Paula Stuart


Ad campaign has reader wondering

The question recently put forth by a Polk County voter (advertisement paid for by EM Easterly) asking Board of Commissioners candidate Craig Pope what kind of support for law enforcement citizens of Polk County can expect from him seems quite appropriate and deserving of a response from Pope.

It is not a trick question.

Does Mr. Pope support adequate law enforcement in Polk County or not?

Nor should the response to this simple question require a “format” that is controlled by either candidate.

Just answer the question.

Debra A. Nord


Support bond to keep up schools

Measure 27-116 is a sound investment in some of our community’s most important assets: our schools.

It’s the result of seven months of study by a citizen committee that developed a facilities plan to keep our schools up-to-date and well maintained.

Before placing the bond measure on the ballot, our school leaders surveyed district patrons to gauge their support and crafted the measure to respond to the community’s interests.

Projects under the measure will touch every building in the district.

And the measure will not increase taxes, but continue current rates.

Please join me in voting yes for Measure 27-116.

Lane Shetterly


Slow down to avoid hitting animals

Attention: All hunters!

Pioneer Road is where the action is!

Deer to the right side of the road — deer to the left side of the road — squirrels flung here and there.

Please slow down while you are driving — think of the other creatures on this earth.

Why is it so hard to be a human being? We don’t know.

Mary Jane Mathews


Elect Johnson for Monmouth council

Jerry and I strongly recommend electing Royal Johnson for Monmouth City Council.

We’ve had numerous conversations about the city budget and changes to Monmouth.

As a past city councilman and Budget Committee member, Royal is well versed on city management and fiscal responsibilities. Royal is thoughtful and thorough on issues and can present alternative solutions.

Royal is the right person to elect.

He wants to continue Monmouth’s journey of being a great city in Oregon to live in, while making financial responsible decisions for the citizens of Monmouth.

Join us and vote for Royal Johnson for Monmouth City Council.

Cheri and Jerry Higgins


Johnson will protect public interest

Royal Johnson is acandidate for Monmouth City Council in its upcoming election. Royal and his family have been residents for over forty years.

With the many ongoing projects Monmouth has scheduled or has committed to, it is vitally important that the city council has someone that is interested in the Monmouth residents best interest. Not just rubber stamping all the projects that have been proposed.

Royal will work diligently to look after the pocket books and tax dollars of Monmouth residents.

I wholeheartedly recommend a vote for Royal Johnson will help safe guard the public’s interest.

Marilyn Wallis


Godsey Road not safe for pedestrians

I am concerned with the safety of children walking to school along Southeast Godsey Road south of the railroad tracks and north of Monmouth cut-off. There is no sidewalk and the traffic is heavier on this street. The road is in bad shape with broken pavement and I have seen on several occasions the bus service (CART) does not even get over for kids that walk along the road. I think the city needs to fix the street and put in a sidewalk so the kids will have a safe place to walk to school.

Dave Jeffers


Vote yes on Measure 27-118

Please support our investment in the Dallas schools by voting yes on measure 27-116, which will allow the Dallas School District to maintain and upgrade existing schools. The maturity of the 2009 Dallas school bond levy allows the district to seek another bond levy while not increasing the current estimated tax rate. While the needs of the district far exceed the current proposed bond levy, the school district is committed to maintaining the current tax rate. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Lu Ann Meyer


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