Family appreciates use of school gym

On behalf of the Hofenbredl Family, thank you very much to Dallas High School for the use of the gym and the setup for the services that were held March 7 for Larry Hofenbredl, “Grandpa Hof.”

We appreciate all the love and support very much, and it will always be remembered.

Marta Hofenbredl


Levy language is missing key point

When the Polk County commissioners approved the public safety tax levy for a vote, the county administrator stated that if federal O & C funds became available during the five-year tax assessment period, the county would use those funds to “offset the levy amount.”

However, the levy language filed with the Polk County clerk contains no language about such an offset. There is therefore no legal obligation to reduce the levy tax increase if unexpected federal funds come in.

Polk County voters should vote “no.”

Steve Mannenbach


Safety levy would benefit all in county

Polk County voters living in cities may ask, “Why should I care about putting deputies on patrol 24/7?”

Assisting city residents is a big part of the levy. It does that by:

• Adding staff to the district attorney’s office. When a city police arrest is made, the person arrested is more likely to be prosecuted — even fined or jailed.

• Adding to the reduced jail staff. Enabling cities and the county to incarcerate those who are arrested and possibly sentenced.

• Providing adequate corrections staff. Overseeing hundreds on parole or probation in Polk County.

The public safety levy works for everyone.

Dave Weston


Cuts are affecting safety of county

Presently, due to budget constraints, the sheriff’s office is only able to provide patrol for 10 hours a day.

In addition, as was pointed out in a recent article in the I-O, Polk County pays the bill for the services of the jail, district attorney’s office and community corrections office for the cities in Polk County.

It has been suggested that in lean times, that the county “tighten its belt.” Well, the belt is as tight as it can get and the safety of our citizens is being effected.

Please vote “yes” on the public safety levy measure.

Brian McGlynn


Chamber supports public safety levy

The Dallas Area Chamber of Commerce endorses the Polk County public safety levy.

The area’s economic growth and vitality is based upon a safe and secure community. Measure 27-117 will improve sheriff patrols, the district attorney’s office ability to prosecute crimes and reinstitute the countywide drug enforcement team.

The chamber strongly urges Polk County citizens to support this critical measure to improve underfunded public safety services in Polk County. Vote “yes” on Measure 27-117.

Bob Brannigan, president

Dallas Area Chamber of Commerce

Public safety funds are now insufficient

Funding for Polk County government comes from several sources: federal/state designated funds that the county administers, property taxes, grants, bonds, etc.

The piece of this funding stream that supports public safety, our permanent property tax rate, is now insufficient to fund county public safety departments.

Please join me in supporting the upcoming public safety operating levy to restore needed personnel to the district attorney, jail, probation and deputy patrol staffs. Our community needs 24/7 emergency response times, prosecution of all levels of crimes, timely trial dates, adequate probation and juvenile staff, plus support and backup for our city police departments.

Jean Sherbeck


Peace of mind will come by OKing levy

In the past year 1,600 callers to 9-1-1 were told, “We are sorry, there is no one available to help you now.”

The calls about suspicious activities, trespassers, peeping toms, help for domestic violence victims, vandalism and other issues did get responded to — the next day or after.

Public safety means peace of mind that we are safe in our homes, community and property without taking actions for which we are not trained. Let’s help each other by supporting the public safety levy.

Marianne Novotny


Levy is about more than sheriff patrols

Public safety in Polk County is more than funding the sheriff’s department.

We all, city or rural, have an equal interest in the county jail, parole and probation officers, the prosecution of crimes by the district attorney’s office and the county circuit court.

We all, whether rural or city residences, rely upon the county for juvenile criminal supervision and civil and criminal warrant or court order processing.

Supporting the county public safety levy ensures viability of all of these services for every resident of Polk County.

Jayne Weis


I-O letter offered chance to reflect

I enjoyed reading Michael Cairn’s letter advocating the keeping of church and state separate (“Let’s keep church and state separate,” March 25 Itemizer-Observer). Our Constitution’s First Amendment certainly does exclude the federal government from establishing a national religion. It also guarantees the “free exercise” of religion in this great country.

Religions, along with irreligious philosophies, are worldviews. Each of us has a worldview that is our individual concept of what comprises reality. Ideally, as each of us works out our worldview, we should be seeking truth over falsehood. As Michael’s quote of Benjamin Franklin declares, reason should trump blind faith in this endeavor.

My own search for truth began early on with the discovery of a simple definition. That is, that truth is an accurate understanding of reality. As a pragmatic business person, this simple and practical definition has been a helpful first step in what has been my own worldview journey.

As a truth seeker, I’ve established several personal benchmarks that have guided me in life. My foundational benchmark is that there is a great evidence for design in our universe. Our universe had a beginning. For me, the finely tuned constants in nature including gravitational constants, the strong and weak nuclear forces and the precise nature of electromagnetism and many more extremely precise constants give me great confidence in a designed universe than in the purely naturalistic alternatives.

Without proof, but with lots of personal inquiry, I have acquired confidence in a universal first cause that is a pre-existing intelligent designer. Therefore, my foundational worldview position is that I am a rational theist.

Religious and non-religious people should bring their truth-claims to the marketplace of ideas. Those worldviews should be freely presented and challenged with an improving comprehension of truth as our goal. The heavy hand of government should not define or limit that debate.

Monte Wiens


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