Polk County should live with budget

The spoiled child is yelling that their multi-million dollar allowance is not enough and junior (Polk County) wants more.

It’s time for tough love and say this is what you have; live with it; there is no more!

Our leaders are asking you to live with less, work harder, and spend less so you can give more to junior.

So when junior runs out of its allowance again, the spoiled child will start yelling again.

It’s time to say no and mean it. Take control.

Please vote no on all levies.

Sandra Mayer


‘Yes’ vote for same day protection

I, for one, will vote ‘yes’ on the additional property tax increase for Public Safety. We need proper law protection 24 hours a day, especially since the Oregon State Police are also understaffed throughout rural Oregon.

With our high crime rate and high domestic issues in this county, we need the proper police coverage and full court staff to prosecute and sentence these people to keep them off the street. It could be you or your family that needs critical help quickly, not the next day.

Bill J. Kluting


Levy would be endless tax cycle

The Public Safety tax levy will assess higher property taxes for five years, but that won’t be the end of it.

They will want to extend it for consecutive five-year terms up to 20 years.

Why doesn’t Polk County be more aggressive about bringing in new businesses that will provide tax revenues.

Economic development is the answer to tax revenue.

Polk County voters cannot afford this levy and should, again, vote “no” in May.

Debbie Pickering


Levy would help all in Polk County

I’m a senior living in Dallas and I will vote “yes” on the public safety levy. I own my home and live on a small fixed income.

Yet, I am still willing to pay a little extra so the DA’s (district attorney) office can prosecute crimes that every police department brings forth, and so the county jail can safely and effectively house inmates as well (brought forward by every police department in the county, too).

I want a system that works and holds people accountable. Everyone deserves to be safe in their homes and in their travels throughout Polk County. Vote yes.

Jo Domaschofsky


Money available to improve crossings

In regards to Dennis Bouchard’s letter about a crosswalk at Walmart (“Crosswalk would improve safety,” March 25).

I called Weldon Ryan at the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) about this because at night, if you’re going east, a car’s lights coming west blind you and you can’t see the crosswalk.

He said there were funds for this and to talk to the city about it too, which I did.

I also told Weldon something needs to be done about all the wrecks on East Ellendale, lots of people upset.

Does someone need to lose their life before something is done?

Pat Jeske


‘No’ protects folks on fixed income

I live in Falls City and oppose the Public Safety Tax Levy.

Our small town is economically depressed and many homeowners are on a fixed income.

They do not have excess funds to pay to Polk County, especially since the recent property tax increases.

What little money people on a fixed income have left each month is spent on food and utilities.

The Polk County Commissioners should be more sensitive to those on a fixed income.

We definitely do not need a five-year tax increase. Vote “no.”

Jack Sylsberry

Falls City

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