Charter school meets enrollment needs

DALLAS — New charter school Dallas Community School (DCS) will be offering kindergarten when it opens this fall.

The Dallas School Board, the school’s charter sponsor, approved an amendment to DCS’ charter Monday night expanding enrollment from 1-8 grades to K-8. That change will allow DCS to accept up to 45 more applications from parents interested in enrolling their kindergarteners in the school.

“I’m going to go tell a bunch of parents some really good news tonight,” said Wendy Sparks, a DCS board member after the decision.

With 128 applications submitted before Monday’s decision, the inclusion of kindergarten will allow the school to not only meet its enrollment goal of 125 to open next fall, but have a waiting list for the start of the 2015-16 school year.

Students accepted into DCS for its first year will be selected by a lottery.

DSC will use a “home school charter” model with students still being home schooled, but under the supervision of a licensed teacher who will serve as an educational guide.

The school will offer optional small-group classes and additional enrichment activities in the afternoons at a school site in Dallas that is yet-to-be-determined.

The application deadline for the 2015-16 school year is April 30.

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