Money never enough for county

I do not support the public safety levy in Polk County and feel it should be defeated.

I support law enforcement, but taxing the taxpayer is not the answer. Government needs to live within its means. I live within my means, and so should the county.

I am tired of tax increases and being asked to fund basic services because there is never enough money. When you ask how much is enough, and the answer is always “just a little bit more.”

Individuals on fixed incomes don’t have any more to give. Please think about the elderly and vote “no.”

Wendy Snodgrass


Creative look at funding services

There must be some way to resolve the problem we have with underfunded law and safety services in Polk County.

Could the folks who are opposing the upcoming Public Safety Levy pledge to never call 911 or Polk County Sheriff with requests for assistance?

Or could we have a variable tax rate that allowed residents who were willing to fund those services receive those services and residents who chose to not fund them not receive them?

Dan Van Otten


Nite Court, YMCA thank IBEW 280

The Monmouth-Independence Nite Court program would like to extend a gracious thank you to IBEW Local 280 for their generous contribution to our program.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 280 has a long history of support of the Nite Court program.

Their recent $3,000 contribution will go a long way in supporting activities for our youth each Saturday night.

Community support is essential to the continuation of Nite Court, and volunteers are always needed. For more information on Nite Court, please contact the M-I YMCA at 503-838-4042.

Kathy Martin-Willis


Whole county needs safety levy

I was a chief in the fire service for over 20 years. I know government budgets.

In my opinion, safety services in Polk County are inadequate.

They can’t get better without more funding. Federal timber funding needs to be replaced.

Some city residents feel they don’t need county legal services.

Nearly all legal issues, city or not, are handled by the county public safety system. Fourteen hours a day with no police protection cannot continue.

Please join me in voting yes on the Polk County Public Safety Levy.

Rick Hopkins


More laws don’t equal less crime

Regarding a recent article in the Itemizer regarding SB 941, “more background checks for private gun sales,” I applaud Sheriff Bob Wolfe for standing up for common sense.

History shows that laws of this nature only take freedoms away from law abiding citizens and have no positive effect on lowering crime.

Criminals have no regard or respect for the law and as such are operating outside the law, e.g., the black market. Any ideology that suggests the next law, social program, new educational approach, gun law, etc. will be the magic formula that ends all violence is misguided.

If I go to my doctor and she misdiagnosis my ailment, then the prescription not only does not solve the problem but may be dangerous.

Gov. Kulongoski’s law to prohibit over-the-counter sales of Sudafed has done little to nothing to curb our meth problem. Men’s hearts is where the problem lies.

If the gunphobes want to do something productive, they can tackle this fascination and love affair this present culture has with violence.

Maybe a good place to start is Hollywood.

But please don’t pass another law that both aggravates and exercises law abiding citizens, and that will be completely ignored by people that already have no respect for the law.

Leif Anderson


Ban backyard burning in Dallas

I support a ban on backyard burning in the city of Dallas.

Backyard burning can be very unsafe and has the potential to cause significant property damage. Backyard burning creates smoke which is full of toxins and pollutants — especially when inappropriate materials are burned.

Dallas has many residents with respiratory issues. Filling your neighborhood with noxious smoke is not very polite. Responding to burning complaints ties up already limited city resources.

Dallas currently has yard debris collection as part of its franchise agreement with Republic Services.

If that service needs to be expanded or a debris drop-off site added in conjunction with a ban on backyard burning, then let’s explore those options.

Most other communities in the Mid-Valley banned backyard burning long ago. The time has come to finally ban backyard burning in Dallas.

One of the things I cherish most about Oregon is clean air. It’s time to clear the air and breathe a little easier in Dallas.

Please get involved and contact your city council members if you love clean air!

Thank you.

Joe Koubek


Show you care with yes on levy

I spoke with a gentleman who was opposed to the Public Safety Levy. His reasoning — “I don’t care.” I have a different prospective. I believe in safety, justice, the protection of innocence, fighting against intimidation and protecting the livability of a community.

You will find that the men and women involved in the public safety system in Polk County share a similar belief system, which is why they have chosen to serve the community the way they are.

They need the support of the community now. If you care, please vote yes for public safety in Polk County.

Michael Holsapple


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