Dallas serves up friendly game of tennis

DALLAS — When the city of Dallas approached Jordan Sollman about running a tennis tournament, he didn’t take long to answer.

“I told (David Brautigam) that I would make it a tradition and that I would hold it for him as long as I’m still here in Dallas,” Sollman said.

Dallas will host its first tennis tournament Saturday and Sunday at the high school courts.

This year is Sollman’s first experience running a tournament, but the Dallas High girls tennis coach didn’t have to far too look for inspiration.

Sollman talked to Ron Warkentin, the longtime organizer of the Monmouth-Independence Tennis Tournament, for tips.

“They had good advice for future advertising and finding out what tournaments are on what days so we aren’t trying to double dip,” Sollman said.

Sign-ups for the tournament are available through Thursday. There are multiple brackets available based on skill level.

“We want to have players taking part in evenly matched contests,” Sollman said. “We want to get people playing locally and have a good time while they play.”

The tennis tournament is part of the city of Dallas’ plans to expand its adult recreation offerings.

“Tournaments like tennis and things along the lines of dodgeball tournaments are things you will begin to see more of,” Brautigam said.

Sollman said he will be happy with 30 to 40 entrants.

He hopes to see a large contingent of high school players from Dallas and Central.

“My goal for this year is to be extremely happy walking away with the way the tournament is run and start to get the word out about the tournament,” Sollman said. “I’m not expecting a whole lot in terms of large numbers.”

More importantly, Sollman said he hopes this tournament helps introduce tennis to as many new players in the community as it can.

If this tournament can become the community tradition that Sollman desires, he’ll be more than satisfied.

“Tennis has never really been a huge deal,” Sollman said. “… This is a good way to get the sport out there and help tennis grow.

“We hope encouraging younger players might influence them to take part in a camp or get involved in the sport when they’re older. Tennis is a great sport that you can play for many years.”

Ball’s in your court

What: Dallas Tennis Tournament.

When: Saturday and Sunday.

Cost: $15 for singles, $25 for doubles. Registration deadline is Thursday.

Of note: Playing times will be emailed after 7 p.m. on Thursday. Forms are available online at /www.dallasor.gov/DocumentCenter/View/3939.

For more information: Jordan Sollman, 503-686-8120; email to jordansollman@dsd2.org.

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