Support nursery in this time of need

Over the years I’ve watched the growth of one of Dallas’s finest nurseries, Daryll’s. He has toiled to create an environment of beauty. Unfortunately, his business has succumbed to the Oregon drought.

He has generously contributed to the community. While at the nursery, I heard a woman say, “You’ve done so much for Master Gardeners; we have brought you containers of water.” Another gentleman stated he was looking for a truck or large container for water. To see the concern by individuals to save his business was overwhelming.

Daryll’s variety of plants is amazing; one never needs to worry about quality. At his business he’s always available for questions and suggestions. His employees are informed and show an interest in their work. His display at Art in the Park was, yes, a work of art.

Daryll stated, “I’ve never seen anything like this; my recourse is to have my fall sale two months early and hope we can come back next year. I appreciate everyone’s concern.”

The members of our community should support Daryll in this difficult time.

Judee Ward


Efforts of all made Polk Fair success

Now that the 2015 Polk County Fair is one for the history books, we would like to take the time to thank the community for your support for 4-H.

Thanks to the parents and leaders for helping young people gain knowledge and skills and reach their goals.

We greatly appreciate our many award donors. It helps us honor our outstanding winners ranging from fair premium money to college scholarships. It’s so exciting to watch the smiles and elation as kids earn their first blue ribbon or trophy.

The Polk County Livestock Association is tremendously helpful as the sponsor of our Market Auction program. Their organization and management makes it possible for youth to recoup much of the cost of raising their market animal projects. The auction wouldn’t be successful without the buyers. Profits from auction will pay feed bills, invest in schools clothes and supplies, or school fees and college tuition, going right back into the local economy.

Thanks to the fair board and management for the terrific job organizing the details. The superintendents do an outstanding job organizing the barns, classes and judging. It takes hundreds of hours of preparation to carry out the fair.

I would like to shout out to our rabbit superintendent, leaders, members and parents for your cooperation with the changes in the rabbit show due to an outbreak of Myxomatosis. You’re awesome.

Bravo to our teen superintendents. Seeing the growth in our older youth as they help in the 4-H Fair Office makes you believe in the future of our country.

It truly takes a village, and Polk County 4-H is thankful to be part of your village. You have contributed greatly to the many exciting and positive experiences for our 4-H participants. Thanks for your part in helping shape the leaders of tomorrow.

Suzi Busler

and the Polk County 4-H staff: Judi Peters, Pam Scharf and Carla Cudmore


Dallas JBO team earns recognition

This summer a group of boys that made up the 13- to 14-year old Senior National Baseball team here in Dallas was not only successful on the field, but also represented our community and their families at the highest level.

The boys came together in April and quickly established themselves as a league favorite.

Through excellent coaching and a lot of hard work, they became a team that was not only successful in terms of wins and losses, but also a group of kids you loved to watch and root for.

The team ended the regular season tied for first place in their division and earned a berth in the JBO Senior National District Tournament held right here in Dallas in mid-July.

Despite having to play seven games in three days, the kids were able to take second place and earn a spot in the Senior National State Championship Tournament held in Corvallis July 16-19.

Fighting the fatigue from having played seven games just a few days prior, the boys played hard and finished 2-2 in the state tournament.

The strong showing in the championship tournament capped a fun, exciting, and successful season.

Despite finishing tied for first place in their division, hosting and finishing in second place in the district tournament, and playing very well in the state tournament, the boys never got a mention from their local newspaper.

Requests made to the Itemizer-Observer to perhaps briefly mention the kids and their season were met with no response.

So, to Brody Cain, Jared Coxen, Cole Dunaway, Landen Gardener, Colby Johnson, Michael Lafferty, Johnny Latte, Ian Pendley, Brody Roberts, Drake Robertson, and Reese Wallace: Great job boys and congratulations on an excellent and exciting season.

Gordon Dunaway


Changes to fair prove successful

I would like to thank everyone who turned out for the 2015 Polk County Fair.

This year there was an increase in exhibits from our community in the open class area as well as an increase in our 4-H programs.

The Polk County fair is a once a year opportunity for everyone to show off their talents, gather with friends and family, and celebrate all that is great about Polk County. This year proved to be a great celebration.

I also want to personally thank the Polk County Fair staff. They all work extremely hard to make sure that the fair is enjoyable for the exhibitors, the vendors and the attendees.

There were a lot of changes this year, and it showed in the success.

Again thank you everyone for attending and supporting such a wonderful event. If by chance you missed it, make sure you mark your calendars for opening day of the 2016 Polk County Fair Aug. 4.

Anna Scharf


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