MI TOWN: Patty Taylor Dutcher


Patty Taylor Dutcher

Good things keep happening in MI Town with outdoor movies at the Independence amphitheater and concerts in Monmouth’s Main Street Park to entertain us on these warm summer evenings. These are great opportunities to pack a picnic supper and enjoy a great time with family, friends and neighbors under starry skies.

The Wii Bowling Team at Monmouth Senior Center (Tuesday and Thursday mornings) recently surprised center neighbor and daily visitor, Hazel, by celebrating her 95th birthday last week. Those of us who are at the center frequently for various activities have enjoyed getting to know Hazel over the years, and we were happy to see and share this fun celebration — with cake, gifts and a special basket filled with bears, which I’m told were Hazel’s favorites. Best wishes to Hazel and her family, for a wonderful birthday year. A special thank you to all the team members who planned, plotted and made this very special celebration a reality.

Are you a disc golfer? Would you like to celebrate the MINET Disc Golf course opening? The city of Independence is hosting a two-round tournament — the Summer Fling — at Riverview Park on Sunday. Check-in is from 8 to 9 a.m., with a cost of $30 to $40 for Professional Disc Golf Association members. Non-members pay an additional $10 to play. There will be a 100 percent payout, a Summer Fling disc and other games and contests. Hosted by Mechanico, the site of the tournament and games; Bikes Plus, Capital City Disc Golf, J-Designs, the city of Independence and MINET have worked together for this community event. Please contact Hayden Rue at hrue08@wou.edu, with any questions.

We enjoyed yet another Polk County Fair this past weekend, with 4-H members showing expertise and knowledge to all of us who have fond memories of the days when we learned all about animals, forestry, gardening and home economics. The 4-H students and volunteer leaders are to be commended for their dedication to present and future generations. The fair continues to provide good and wholesome fun to everyone — and what fun it is to share with family and friends who are visiting from faraway places.

It’s been 20 years since the Monmouth Public Library has been serving MI Town residents — and a party is planned for Saturday to celebrate. Everyone is welcome to enjoy cake and punch from 2 to 4 that afternoon. There will also be door prizes, fun displays and an opportunity to see friends and neighbors, and discover lots of good things about our public library and the programs for readers of all ages. See you there.

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