PEDEE NEWS: Arlene Kovash


Arlene Kovash

Some people in Pedee had interesting Thanksgivings this year. I’m sorry to say Nancy May, her mother, and son Aaron lost their home on Burbank Road to a fire the day before Thanksgiving. Kind neighbors, the church, and the Red Cross provided help and food for them, but I’m sure more will be needed. Contact the church if you’d like to help in some way. They will be living on the property still.

Jerry Mentzer spent most of his day hauling Christmas trees, but he and Charm had dinner for family and friends that evening, including Charm’s daughter Mollie and Jerry’s son Jeff and daughter-in-law Emily (of I-O fame), plus some friends from Dallas.

Paul and Diane Telfer had Thanksgiving dinner for 14 without running water, as they had well problems. Their daughters Helena and Amber came with their families to celebrate the day and spend the night.

Rich and Tess Simons had 25 relatives at their house, including son Josh, who is a junior at WOU and who now lives in Monmouth, and son Brandon, who is a freshman there and lives at home.

Daniel and Heidi Russell and their six drove to Creswell to celebrate Thanksgiving with Heidi’s parents, Jon and Linda Hovet and her brother’s family, and came home with an extra kid, 10-year-old Owen Hovet, who will be spending a few days with his cousin Alex.

Ted and Ethelene Osgood had dinner for son Pete and his wife Lucy, their son, Stephen, and Jessica and 18-month-old Nolan, and Stephen’s two daughters Bailee and Bridget. Granddaughter Paige was there from Salem, where she is a freshman at Willamette University, and grandson Cole came from Salem. They ate early because everyone invited had to go to another dinner with other family members. Some were even going to hit three dinners!

Pete and LaVerne Bennett enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with Pete’s sister Michelle Mahana and husband Gary in North Albany. Their whole family was there, including son Jim and Julie Bennett and family of Salem, son Rick and Michelle Bennett and Nash, grandson Josh Bennett from Eugene, and daughter Lisa Bennett from Newberg.

Dave Burbank didn’t have to hunt all day on Thanksgiving because he got his elk a few days earlier, as did Mike McBeth and Mike’s son Morgan. They did spend a few hours in the morning hunting with friends who did not get one yet.

Allison Barnhart is coordinating the Pedee Church children’s Christmas Musical this year. Practices are during kid’s church on Sundays and on Thursday evenings at 7, and it’s never too late to join them. Contact Allison with questions at The performance will be Dec. 18 at 7 p.m. at the church.

The prize for the first Christmas lights in Pedee goes to Rick and Leasa Willden, who own Willamette Valley Metal in downtown Pedee. They are beautiful! Don’t press me on what the prize is, though.

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