Dear Santa: Children share hopes, dreams, well wishes for a Merry Christmas for all

Compiled by Itemizer-Observer staff

POLK COUNTY — Last year, we had the honor of printing a handful of letters to Santa Claus, written by children in Polk County. We so enjoyed sitting around our trees on Christmas Eve and morning, reading the letters to our families, we wanted to continue this as a tradition.

The following letters were written by children at Monmouth, Ash Creek and Lyle elementary schools. Our gratitude goes out to those teachers who helped them with this assignment. Dallas Post Office also let us borrow some letters they received. Spelling errors were corrected.

Not all of the ones we received can fit here, but we chose some of our favorites. Check online at for more.

First names only were used to respect the Santa-child privilege. We will make sure they get into the right hands from here.

Dear Santa,

You and your elves are quite fancy in your suits. Could you please bring us world peace? We need world peace because violence is not the answer. Will you also please bring me a Nerf gun and bullets? I want a Nerf gun because I like to have Nerf battles with my brother.

Sincerely, Alecya

Dear Santa,

I want to see my real dad for Christmas.

Love, Jaden

Dear Santa,

Thank for the candy cane. But I want presents. A little bit of presents. But I want a remote control motorcycle.

Love, Kobe

Dear Santa,

I’ve been thinking of some things, but first, how have you been down at the North Pole? It’s very cold down there, huh? I don’t need a lot of stuff this year, just a couple games for the Xbox, and if you could, maybe get me a new skateboard and maybe a new pair of shoes for my mom. I want you to know I was good this year. I’m very excited for you to come. Oh, and we don’t have a chimney, but I’ll leave the door unlocked. If you get this letter, write me back and tell me what kind of cookies you like, OK?

Love your friend, Tylan

Dear Santa,

I want to know if cookies can hurt your belly. And I want to know if Vixen is OK; he’s my favorite.

Love, Anabell

Dear Santa,

How are you? Did you eat enough cookies? Merry Christmas! What I want for Christmas is a football, a soccer ball, and a baseball. Oh, and tell Rudolf to shine!

Love, Asa

Dear Santa,

How is Mrs. Claus and your reindeer? I hope Dancer is OK (Dancer is my personal favorite.) For Christmas, I would want a picture of Dancer and you in my stocking. I would also like a boogy board and a giant platypus stuffed animal.

Love, Hannah

Dear Santa,

I know you live in the North Pole, but is there any pet shops around? Are the reindeer OK? Just to let you know, my favorite reindeer is Cupid. What’s your favorite kind of cookie? Do you like the ones we give you? When you come down our chimney with a bound, I please don’t want you to make a lot of noise. So what I want for Christmas the most are pillow pets and a guitar. But me, myself, have a big Christmas list. I just wanted to say, ‘Hi!’ So bye!

Love, Hadley

Dear Santa,

How are you and everyone at the North Pole? Am I on the nice list? If so, I want you to know that this year, I only have a few things on my list. They are: A horse, a barn, stuff for my horse if I get it, and that’s all!

Warmly, Clara

Dear Santa,

Do you really drive reindeer and trade them for kangaroos in Alaska? What type of cookies and cocoa would you like? For Christmas, I don’t want much, just lots of stuffy animals.

Frozenly, Colleen

Dear Big Man,

How are the reindeer? I hope you don’t have a cold this year. What is your favorite cookie? Do you like doughnuts? I would like to know about Comet. I would like to know what you would like for Christmas besides cookies? I don’t want a lot of stuff for Christmas, but I do want a stuffed animal of Comet. You know you will get a present this Christmas Eve. It will be on my porch on the bench by my the door.

Love, Lizabelle

Dear Santa,

How are the reindeer, especially Comet, my personal favorite? Are they being good? Is Rudolf real? I hope all the toys turn out perfect. I know I have been naughty, but I’ll be better, I promise. I don’t really care what you get me, really. Have you ever gotten a present? Would you like one? I can get you one. See you at Christmas. Have a Merry Christmas!

Yours truly, Olivine

Dear Santa,

I hope you have a great Christmas because you have to get toys for all of the kids. I would want some friends to play with me. I would want some friends to go to the park with me and play with me, too.

Love, Pyper

Dear Santa,

You are a wise man! Will you bring me a microscope? I need it because I want to look at my mucus! Will you bring me a telescope? I want it to look at the stars. A new Kindle Fire please get for my grandpa. Please write back!

Sincerely, Cyrus

Dear Santa,

I hope you have a great Christmas. I would need some friends to play with. I want a printout of this slip.

Love, Rebekah

Dear Santa,

I hope you have a great Christmas because you help everybody. I need a new pillow case because it is crumbling and it hurts my head. I want a never-ending pepperoni pizza!

Love, Mia

Dear Santa,

I hope your elves are working hard because they make all the toys. This Christmas I need shoes because I barely have any. And please bring me a Japanese doll named Hannah that is on the back of my book that I look at all the time. And I want a rainbow bunny that sold out in a craft shop. And I also want a beanie boo dragon and sea horse. Oh! And can you give something to my sister?

Sincerely, Kiyora

P.S. I want one of those chocolate paste stuff that I saw on TV, and I also want a doggy Stretchkins. Wait, I promise this is my last thing: I want a pencil sharpener that sharpens crayons too, and I want it to be purple. And that is all I want for Christmas.

Dear Santa,

My name is Lena. I love you. I help people. I want you to give my dad something. And can I have a jump rope?

Love, Lena

Dear Santa,

I love you Santa. Dear Santa, I work. Dear Santa, I like you. Dear Santa, I love Christmas. Dear Santa, I want a bike.

Love, Hadley

Dear Santa,

I like Santa. Say hi to the reindeer. Say hi to the elves. I like your sleigh. I like your boots. I like your beard. I like your hat. I like your jacket.

Love, Bella

Dear Santa,

I love you Santa. I tried my best work to help you, but Santa, I love you. You are my favorite holiday person, but give presents to other people, even the grownups.

Love, Michael

Dear Santa,

Can I please have three wishes that will come true?

From, Shane

Dear Santa,

I want an MP3 for Christmas. I hope we get Bernard again, because one time he went fishing in the toilet. What cookies do you like? And what snacks do the reindeer like? Thank you for the remote control Batman car last year.


Dear Sir Santa Claus,

My name is Astrid, and I’m 4 years old, and I’ve been very good this year. I am a good helper. I’m very kind, and I’m a protector of animals. Here is my requests for Christmas: A little toy meadow and farm and some stables; Pocahontas doll; paint set; mermaid stuff; My Little Pony snuggly. Santa, thank you for all your hard work. Give my love to the reindeer and the elves. Please make sure no toy is left behind.

Your biggest fan, Astrid

Dear Santa,

Hey listen up! Here is my list and reasons why I want it. I want a laptop for Christmas because I want to do everything that adults do on a laptop. Also, a Star Wars Lego set so I can have fun and be happy.

Sincerely, Brandon

Dear Santa,

I’m 10 years old. I love animals. My cats catch little cute field mice. If they don’t kill the field mice, we nurse them back to health. What I want for Christmas is: No. 1, my kitty Cleo-swan. Her cat breed is tortoiseshell. No, she is a cat, not a turtle. She has a mustache on the left or ride side. She has been gone for so long. She also has adorable yellowish-orangish colored eyes. No. 2 is on Amazon. I also want the Necomimi brainwave cat ears.” It’s so cool. It moves to your emotions! No. 3: Pokemon figures. I love Pokemon so much. I know a lot about Pokemon. I’m not a Pokemon master yet. A Pokemon master is when you know everything about Pokemon. That’s all I want for Christmas from you, Santa. Thanks for reading! Bye!

Love, Issabell

Dear Santa,

Down here in Oregon, people everywhere have started decorating for and celebrating their favorite December holidays. How do you celebrate? Do you display festive snow globes on every shelf? Do you play Christmas songs out to every corner of the North Pole? Do you ever get any presents? What is the one thing you have always wanted? I hope you don’t catch a cold this winter!

Sincerely, Norah

Dear Santa,

I know a lot of different people have lost a lot of spirit in you, but I have not. I do have some questions to ask you: 1. How old are you? 2. Can I have a remote control car for Christmas (P.S. pretty please?) 3. Can I have $100 for Christmas, too? P.S. Have a great Christmas.

Sincerely, Camron

Dear Santa,

I just want enough money to buy some things that will make me smile. I want to buy a lot of stuff to make sandwiches to go help give food to people who are less fortunate. I also want to buy warm jackets and umbrellas to hand out. I would be so thankful to be able to help people. I would also donate some money to food banks and homeless shelters. It would really make me smile.

Love, Laudly

Dear Santa,

You’re so cool. I’m so glad I got to write to you. I hope you had a wonderful year at the North Pole. Christmas is my favorite holiday. It’s probably your favorite holiday, too. I mean, like, you’re not gonna be like, “Oh, my favorite holiday is Halloween!” LOL. Hope you have a great holiday. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Sincerely, Kylah

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, all I want for Christmas is for everybody to have a great time with family and friends on Christmas. Here are a few questions: 1. How do you make it all around the world in time? 2. Is it Rudolf who leads the sleigh? P.S. I hope you have a good and great Christmas this year!

Sincerely, Landon

Dear Santa,

I guess I want the new game Undertale. Hey, so why do you give presents to all the kids? Are you obsessed with kids getting what they want? Or did you someday put on a red suit, call yourself Santa, and now you’re stuck with doing it for the rest of your life? (LOL).

Sincerely, Mariah

Dear Santa,

How tall are the elves? What is the best gift you have ever got? I got a tablet for Christmas. I want a Google play card. Who is your favorite reindeer? Mine is Rudolf. How do you fit all the presents in a little bag? Am I on the naughty list or nice list? I hope I’m on the nice list. I love YouTube and Vines. How many cookies do you eat a year? P.S. What’s 9+10?

Sincerely, Michael

Dear Santa,

How are you? I’m fine. My mom just had twins, and it’s been hard on my family. I just ask that you could make my family happy. Thank you.

Sincerely, Heidi

P.S. My sister would like an alicorn (half Pegasus, half unicorn), a mermaid, and a nice dragon. Could you arrange that?

Dear Santa,

Thank you for the gifts that you’ve given me throughout these years. These gifts mean a lot to me, and I hope you keep sending more of these special gifts. Santa, when I was little, I always wanted to meet you and go to your workshop and meet your reindeer. Do you ever dress up your reindeer for Halloween? Do you celebrate Halloween?

Sincerely, Bryan

P.S. I want a PSP.

Para Santa,

Quisiera una viciclata de color roza, gris o banca una que coviera muy rapido o sy no un perro que fuera Labrador, jusky o pastor Aleman. O sy no una yegua que corriera muy rapito y que fuera Alazan tostado. Cumpleme porfavor.


Dear Santa,

How do you reindeer fly? I am a first-grader. What are all your reindeers’ names? I know some of their names. Last year I loved my gift. Thank you for it. How old are you? For Christmas I want a remote control helicopter.


Dear Santa,

How can your elves make the presents so fast? How is Mrs. Claus? Do you love red? How can reindeer fly? I am 6 years old.


Dear Santa,

How have Mrs. Claus and all of the other reindeer been doing, like Rudolph? I want four things for Christmas. I will tell you want I want.

I want this for Christmas:

1.Bionicle: The movie

2.Optimus Prime

3.Elf of a Shelf (You know, the elf that looks like a toy, but they are really elves.)


Bye Santa! I hope you can read this because I’m just a kid.

Love, Chase

Dear Santa,

How have you been? I have been a good boy. By the way, I am Gavin. I want a tazer room lock, an elf on the shelf, stink bombs, a security set, and a pig, cookies, and a car. I hope you have a good Christmas.

Love, Gavin

Dear Santa,

How has your year been? How is Mrs. Claus? How are Olaf and Sven? How are your elves? What are you doing right now? What do you eat at the North Pole? Please can I have an XBox, PS4, PS1, PS3 and game cube? How is everything going?

Love, Mason

Dear St. Nick

How are you doing? How is Mrs. Claus? Thank you for all the great presents you have given me every year! Just so you know Jingle and Jolly are doing well! Can I have a jet pack, night vision goggles, a Wii U, and a tablet? I would like an F150 truck, too. Could you bring me an elf on the shelf, a flying reindeer and an iTunes card?

Your friend, Jace

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas is Legos because I like to build with them. First you can build whatever I want. I can build a car and then I can build a ship. Next, if you mess up, you can rebuild it.

Love, Evan

Dear Santa,

This year Christmas I want snow. I can jump off and do a front or back flip. You can get a sled and go sledding down a big hill of snow.

Love, Kamo

Dear Santa,

I want a bulldog for Christmas. I really like the slobber because it’s wet. I like the fur on it. It’s so soft. I like the playful kind. I want to play.

Love, Logan

Dear Santa,

I want a motorcycle and some toothpicks. If I have something in my teeth, like meat, I can get it out. Next, I can race someone and win. Last, I can make a tower for Mrs. Heinrich. That would be a good present for me.

Love, Haylee

Dear Santa,

I would like a kitten for Christmas. I would sleep with him. I would lay him down. I would put him to sleep. I would feed him. I would give him kitten food. I would give it tuna fish. I would play with him. I would give him a cat ball. I would give him cat toys. That what I want, a sweet, cute, loving, nice, orange fluffy kitten for Christmas.

Love, Katelyn

Dear Santa,

I would like five books about fairies for Christmas because to read lots of books at Christmastime. I want to read with people such as friends and family. I also want to read for hours and hours. I hope Santa brings me five books about fairies for Christmas.

Love, Paycie

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas is more hats and shoes. I only have one hat and I want a cool flat bill. I would so like more shoes because my shoes always get really wet in the rain. Please put them in a box. I don’t want my shoes to get wet. As you can see, I want a new cool flat bill hat and new shoes.

Love, Bryan

Dear Santa,

I am so happy to sing with you and your friends. This year I have been asked to work hard and to do my best. Just a few days ago, I turned 8. And you are going to have carrots for your reindeer Rudolph, Prancer, Dasher, Donner, Vixen, Comet, Cupid and I’m sorry I forgot the last reindeer’s name. You will have a special type of cookie for you. Have a nice Christmas.


Dear Santa,

I hope I’m on the good list. My elf moved to the shelf, oven, light, ceiling, Christmas tree and TV. My elf looks at me all the time. What I want for Christmas is a play house and a new toy dog. Maybe I’m on the good list. And Santa tell my elf to move my room. And Santa, my brother will be looking at it forever. Santa, once my brother wanted to play with the elf.


Dear Santa,

I am so excited for Christmas. I already put up my stockings and it was fun. What I really want for Christmas is a hamster because they are so cute. I will do anything for Christmas. Happy holidays Santa.

From, Payton

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, I want a chocolate pen and I also want Minecraft: Story Mode and I also want you to surprise with a present for me that you know you should give me for Christmas. I hope I am on the good list and that you have a good Christmas.


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