Event’s volunteers make a difference

The fourth annual Polk Community Connect on Jan. 28 was a success.

The planning committee and leadership team would like to recognize and thank all of the many partners and community members that helped make the day a success. More than 300 individuals were served with access to direct services and resources including dental, haircuts, pet care, clothing, bike repair and more.

The planning team would like to thank Valley Life Center for generously opening its doors and hosting the event; James2 Community Kitchen and Marion-Polk Food Share for providing and preparing the 500-plus meals served; Salem-Keizer Transit for providing free-fare rides to and from the event; Medical Teams International and local dentists for serving guests with dental needs; Salt Creek Baptist Church clothing ministry; to the 50-plus service providers who provided resource information and access to services; and to the more than 100 volunteers that helped make the day a big success.

The planning team is grateful to serve alongside supportive and community-minded churches, organizations and community members.

Michelle Bornfleth


Business steps up for Falls City library

Over the winter months, the Wagner Community Library has been on the receiving end of a plethora of donations, including toys, art, books and volunteer time.

The most recent contribution deserves special mention.

That “thank you” goes out to House of Floors, 680 Main St., Dallas. When House of Floors learned that the Wagner Community Library children’s area desperately required updating, its staff was quick with a response. The quality Berber carpet with multi colors is expected to endure for many seasons.

It will be put to the initial test on Feb. 28 between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., when the library celebrates Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Come on out to the library to admire the cozy children’s section.

Cynthia Hovind, director

Wagner Community Library

Falls City

Legal marijuana isn’t the problem

Regarding the letter headlined “Marijuana won’t be good for Dallas” (Feb. 11 Itemizer-Observer), it’s like “Refer Madness” revisited in Dallas.

Presumably, the reason Josephine County is without police protection and their citizens need to arm themselves is legal medical marijuana. Josephine County is influenced by the Tea Party. They don’t agree with taxation and love guns.

To insinuate seasonal farm workers are abusing Oregon Trail cards smacks of the 1930s that used blacks, Puerto Ricans and Asians as similar scapegoats.

Mike Neufeldt


Tired of repeated tax levy requests

Why vote “no” on another county tax levy?

Maybe we’re tired of the old song, “We need more money. It’s only a cup of coffee a day more.” Voting “no” is the only way to send our message — our only hope of trying to make government take notice and change what they do. We resoundingly voted “no” more than a year ago. Is that not a valid voter decision? It’s always ask for more.

We are at our limit. We want government to recognize that and live within its means. Don’t ignore our votes. Remember, you work for us.

Charles Krogman


Local businesses value customers

It was two years ago I bought a pair of comfortable and durable shoes from the folks at Rugged Wear in Dallas.

Wouldn’t you know it — my shoelaces started looking like they might not make it much longer. I went back to Rugged Wear.

I told ’em I need some new shoelaces, “Could you sell me some?” The answer was “no.” And they continued, “We’ll give you some. Since you bought your shoes here, it seems like the right thing for us to keep you in laces, doesn’t it?”

Now that’s why I like shopping at home — in Dallas I’m a valued customer and person.

Dave Weston


Behavior of young men was refreshing

While having lunch at a local eatery Friday, we observed a group of young men having a meal. I want to compliment their parents and their coach.

They were polite to the server (I heard a lot of “thank yous”), paid attention to others around them so they were all able to enjoy a quiet wonderful meal.

It seems that the ones who make the most noise and create problems are the ones who make the newspapers. I just want to encourage them to continue on the path that they are on because it looks like they have a good start.

Again, please pass this on to any young person that you think might have been there. You are indeed on the right path. Kudos to your parents.

Shelly Thornicroft


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