District may get bonus funds

DALLAS — The Dallas School District may be able to double its money by the time it issues its second round of bonds from the $17 million maintenance bond approved in November.

That will depend on the final version of Oregon Senate Bill 447, which would create a program to provide matching funds up to $8 million to school districts with general obligation bonds.

Meanwhile, the district needs money to start work while the bill is finalized.

The Dallas School Board took the first step Monday, approving an issuance of no more than $10 million in bonds. That would leave room for the district to potentially benefit from the bill.

Interim Superintendent Dennis Engle said if approved as-is, the bill would match up to $7.3 million for Dallas, but could be changed to apply to only bonds approved by voters after the bill’s passage.

“There have been no changes that would eliminate us,” Engle said.

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