Youngren excited for tournament

INDEPENDENCE — Dallas isn’t the only community represented on Timberhill Tennis Club’s team. Central boys tennis coach Patti Youngren has been a member on the squad for several years and served as team captain on multiple occasions. This year saw several new challenges.

“Because of coaching, we didn’t form a team (during the spring),” Youngren said.

That meant the Timberhill Tennis Club squad is playing in a different division than past seasons.

Youngren’s schedule hasn’t lightened up now that school is out, though.

Youngren will help run the Monmouth-Independence Fourth of July tennis tournament on Saturday and Sunday along with Panthers girls tennis coach Dave Eble, who plays on a men’s team on Sunday in Eugene.

In previous years, Youngren has also taken part in the Gate Golf Tournament.

“I finally had to give up on trying to fit it into my schedule when the USTA switched the (tennis) venue to Eugene,” Youngren said.

Playing tennis has remained a priority for Youngren. Just because they have less practice together than in previous years doesn’t mean expectations are lowered — Youngren and her teammates except to compete well come Saturday.

“We are a very cohesive group that encourages each other,” Youngren said. “I’m playing with a new partner. Our way of playing is contrasting, and I think it will keep our opponents on their toes well. … For us older folk, it is all about placement, not hitting the ball as hard as you can.”


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