Nice to see ‘little gem’ featured

A big thank you to Itemizer-Observer publisher, Nancy Adams, and staff writer, Jolene Guzman, for the wonderful, full-page write-up on Daryll’s Nursery in the June 17 edition of the I-O.

Daryll Combs has operated this little gem of a nursery out on West Ellendale for several years. Sometimes, however, these “little gems” in and around Dallas go unnoticed, and we need to be reminded.

This coverage in our local paper was a very positive reinforcement of one of our dedicated, local businesses. I would like to suggest that perhaps we could see more of this sort of thing.

How about a special feature each week, acknowledging some of our longtime local businesses?

We all need to be reminded of the hard-working establishments who have contributed so much to making Dallas the city we love.

Carol Mannen


Mini-Marathon a great success

Monmouth Fitness Club, Brook & Terry’s Espresso and Anytime Fitness, sponsors of this year’s Fourth of July Mini-Marathon are pleased to announce the enormous success of the 43rd annual event.

Proceeds were distributed to: Monmouth-Independence Lions Club, Ella Currin Food Bank in Independence, Central High School track and cross-country and the Kelsey Oldham Scholarship.

A special thanks to Race Director Terry Cable, of Brook & Terry’s Espresso, Monmouth and Independence police departments and all the volunteers that made this annual event a great success.

Also, thanks to Willamette Valley Road Runners, the city of Monmouth, Monmouth Parks Board, Independence Public Library and Central Lions Club, that helped sponsor and support the 43rd Annual Mini-Marathon.

Come join the fun next year at the 44th annual Fourth of July Mini-Marathon.

Terry Cable

Mini-Marathon Committee


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