Consider paying for half to pave

Regarding the complaint concerning Highland Road (July 17), we live on the south side of Parker Road, first place east off (Highway) 99.

We went to John Graham, the former public works director, to inquire about paving, as opposed to dust abatement. He went to the commissioners, who adjusted the budget to allow our quarter mile frontage to be paved. We paid half.

Together with Linden Lane and Fruit Farm Road, there are enough residents involved to cover the distance, it would appear. If Mr. Henich would pave a stretch, others might do likewise. The price of oil is low right now.

The O&C trees, which once upon a time paid for paving and schools, are now waiting to rot and burn. The large log mill that could saw them has been torn down.

Mark Vimont


Thanks from Dallas Fire & EMS

Many of you who had hoped to see Summerfest Hydrocart races at the Dallas Fire Station on Friday night were disappointed when you arrived only to find out the event was canceled. A major wildfire south of town required our full attention. The fire, fueled by dry weather and steady winds, would grow to cover more than 250 acres before it was brought under control.

Thankfully no structures were lost and no one was injured. For almost 10 hours, crews from Dallas, Falls City, Southwest Polk, Oregon Department of Forestry, and more than 15 other fire agencies from Benton, Marion, Yamhill, and Lincoln counties assisted Polk County Fire District No. 1 in fire suppression efforts. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Polk County Public Works, and Willamette Valley 911 also played major roles during this emergency.

Events such as this show the value of each family having an emergency plan so that everyone in your home knows what to do should something happen.

Equally important for those who live in rural areas, the importance of having defensible space around your residence that creates a buffer that is essential to improve your home’s chance of surviving a wildfire.

We appreciate the support we received from the community during this event. A special thanks to Dallas Safeway and Ugo’s Pizza who helped prepare meals on short notice to feed more than 250 emergency services personnel who were engaged in firefighting efforts. We also extend our thanks to the families of Dallas Fire and EMS members who helped support emergency efforts throughout the afternoon and evening.

Eriks Gabliks, Deputy Chief

Dallas Fire & EMS - Summerfest Chairman

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