Levy not needed for public safety

I do not believe Polk County needs more money from taxes for the public safety tax levy. Polk County received unexpected additional tax revenue due to tax increases on taxpayers. Our Polk County commissioners need to make cuts where necessary instead of burdening us with more taxes. Vote no on the public safety tax levy.

Jeffrey L. Pickering


No moral high ground for no vote

Voting no on public safety, however you dress it up, is a matter of self-interest, of caring most of all about your money.

It is not patriotic because patriotism means taking responsibility for your community, and underfunding public safety puts your community at risk. It is not Christian because Jesus tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves, and many neighbors have already suffered — or died — because of underfunding. There is no moral high ground for those who oppose a levy that so clearly helps us take responsibility for our community and care for our neighbors. Some taxes are good.

Steve Richardson


Cost of crime is the cruelest ‘tax’

It falls most heavily on those least able to afford it. Nevertheless, it also falls on all of us through things like insurance premiums.

It’s about all of the public safety system — not just deputies and patrols alone. It is a public concern and obligation. It is for all of us to deal with. Our taxes pay for it. They should. Bite the bullet and act responsibly on your own behalf, and of your friends and neighbors in your community. Support the public safety levy. Vote yes.

Don Homuth

West Salem

Levy is sensible solution to issue

Obviously no one wants to pay more taxes, but sooner or later we all must face the reality that the millions of dollars in timber subsidies for public safety in Polk County are gone.

Since we can’t expect funding fixes from Uncle Sam, we must find a sensible solution to our problem. The longer we keep saying “no to any new taxes” only guarantees that our problems will get worse.

Please support our public safety levy, Measure 27-117, to ensure the level of public safety we would all like to have. Please vote yes!

John Brown

West Salem

Taxes should be cut, not raised

Increased property taxes do not just come from property owners. Tenants may have their rent increased. Business owners will pass on their increased property tax to consumers. Vote no on the public safety levy. We need to cut taxes not raise them.

Don Blair


Think of friends, family when voting

I don’t like the idea of more taxes either, but what would really bother me more is if someone in my family or a friend were to need emergency services and there was no one to come. I would not be able to accept such a thing over an average of $7.50 a month. If they were hurt or died, just because there was no one to come. I think that our county should think real hard about a family, friends, and neighbors when you go to fill out your ballots.

Rod Buchanan


Levy needed for effective system

Whether we live in Polk County’s cities or rural areas, an effective law enforcement system is needed. For less than $8 a month per average household, the propose safety levy would re-store 24/7 rural policing and city police backup (12 officers restored); our county District Attorney’s office — which handles many city cases — re-staffed (5) to operate in an effective and timely manner, and the jail be properly staffed (5). Also, if federal timber funds are received, Polk’s commissioners have pledged to reduce the levy by that amount. A yes vote is needed for an effective, safe law enforcement system.

Jim Fairchild


Levy will provide sense of security

Some people don’t trust Polk County government (or government in general) and some believe there is hidden money in the county’s budget that isn’t being given to public safety, which isn’t true.

Some believe that we shouldn't raise taxes, yet don’t provide a solution to the funding shortfall. The personal issue is, do you, your family or neighbors feel safe? Will you feel safe after you’ve been a victim of a crime by knowing that the person responsible will be arrested, placed in jail and prosecuted by the DA?

On your ballot is a solution. Please vote for public safety.

Mark Garton


Safety, security is so important

Wherever you live in our Polk County, security and safety of our lives and property is like our health — we too often take it for granted, but it is vital to how we live our lives! Imagine your call to 911 that goes unheeded because no one is available to respond! ­That’s just where we are today from 10 p.m. to noon the next day each and every day! And the fact that you live in one of our cities leaves you vulnerable too. We desperately need prosecution for those apprehended. Vote yes!

Ken Jacroux


Levy the remedy to the safety problem

What we have too many of: ne’er-do-wells, malefactors, miscreants and scofflaws, many of whom are drug addicted and/or drug manufacturers.

What we don’t have enough of: apprehension, prosecution, incarceration and post-incarceration supervision. What we need: proper staffing for 24-hour sheriff’s patrol, District Attorney’s Office, jail supervision, juvenile and adult services.

I know — that’s a lot of big words — but one small word would go a long way to remedy the situation — yes!

Russ Noll

West Salem

Show ‘Unearthed’ exploits Falls City

I have never sent one of these emails. I have never protested anything, until now. I will not watch the exploit of my backyard on Discovery’s new show “Unearthed,” and I will send as many emails to urge others to, as well. I’m going to fight every avenue I can think of to rally people to join in telling Discovery Channel that Oregon is not for sale!

This show will impact many honest Oregonians in many ways, and Discovery is really the only one that benefits from the show. The kind of people that will come to the area in droves are the kind of people that do not make an honest living: drug addicts and felons and illegal immigrants will make up a large percent of the group.

We all know that truffle harvesting has been going on for a long time here, but the demand and exposure from this show will bring a hoard of unsavory characters to the area looking to strike it rich for free.

The large lumber industry will struggle to keep trespassers at bay; the general public will lose access to the wilderness if that gets out of hand; and the people who own land in the forested areas will have to be made aware of people coming on their land to harvest and could be a danger as well. I can think of many other negative examples of how this show will impact Oregon. Please spread the word the only way we can really win is with our mighty dollar. Let’s show them Oregon is different. Cancel your cable subscription in protest!

Amy Sledge


Three reasons to vote yes on levy

I have changed my mind from voting no to voting yes because of the following facts: 1. Currently there are only four deputies, which are backed up by three sergeants. I had been told there were 16. The levy will provide 12 more deputies, making 16 total. 2. Currently one detective. The levy will add one more. Five more jailers. 3. The levy includes five more in the DA’s department, added costs from equipment, operating supplies, overtime costs when needed, fuel costs, etc. Join us supporters in voting yes.

Les Oehler


Levy unnecessary as economy grows

I support public safety, but as the economy continues to improve, I am reluctant to vote for a property tax increase to support operations. I’m upset that raises for county officials are being considered when basic services are not funded.

Mary Runyon


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