Johnson - 50th


Dennis and Joyce Johnson

Dennis and Joyce Johnson of Dallas will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on Nov. 14 with family and friends at Valley Life Center, 1795 SE Miller Ave., in Dallas from 1 to 4 p.m. Dennis Johnson and Joyce Culwell were married Nov. 20, 1965, at Wesleyan Methodist Church in Salem. Rev. Douglas Bacheller performed the ceremony. The couple was attended by Glen Johnson and Thelma Culwell.

The couple has lived in Dallas the past 50 years.

Dennis retired in 1997 from Willamette Industries Planing mill in Dallas. Joyce retired in 2011 from Addus Healthcare in Salem as housekeeper.

Dennis coordinates the Avenue of Flags Project in Dallas and Joyce assists him. Dennis is the historian for the American Legion in Dallas. Joyce cleans the church offices and is the chaplain for the American Legion Auxiliary. Both of them enjoy Southern Gospel concerts, birdwatching and are greeters at Valley Life Center in Dallas.

Mansigh - 25th


Jim and Lucille Mansigh

Jim and Lucille Mansigh celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on Oct. 9 at the Willamette University Heritage Center.

They had a small glass of wine out on the lovely terrace, where they sat and enjoyed the orchestra. Then they had a lovely dinner. Soon the dancing began and they danced the night away. When they returned to their table they became acquainted with three delightful couples. They exchanged phone numbers and will stay in touch.

After they bid their friends good night, they called Squirrel Taxi. Lucille had gotten on a first name basis with Merlin. Recently she had thumb surgery and was unable to drive.

Upon returning to their home exhausted, they fell into bed and “slept” wrapped in each others arms until the wee hours of dawn.

Of course, he woke her at 7:00 am to serve her coffee and toast. This was a previous habit. He next served her breakfast. You see, Jimmy is a retired Master Chef. His longest employment was for ten years as Head Cook at St. Vincent Hospital in Portland.

When they continued the day, they began a most unusual conversation. He started with “Darling, I still love you, after 25 years. Will you please come home?”

After non-stop conversation for ten hours he had convinced her to come home. With agreement she proceeded to get ready to move home.

They packed and waited until their friends, Arnie and Steve Schafer were ready and available with Arnie’s big pickup to move everything home.

Is this the end of the story “Lived Happy Ever After?” No, that part is becoming true. It is only the beginning of what will be their future.

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