Many thanks to dog rescuer

I would like to send Bob Pell a huge thank you for rescuing my dog that accidentally got locked in my daughter’s car along with her car keys, with all the car windows shut on a sunny afternoon on Oct. 24. She had driven up from Eugene to meet us at the city park with my dog, Bismarck, who had spent a few days with her. When she realized what she had done, I immediately called roadside assistance who connected me to the local police station because an animal was involved.

They said the best they could do was to break a window. At this point, I was pretty distraught. The car was in the sun and time was quickly passing. I ran to the Monmouth Hardware store and Bob immediately said he thought he could help. He grabbed a few items out of his truck, worked on the car door and after a while, the door was unlocked! I offered to pay Bob but he declined. He said he believes we are here to help each other and asked that I just come shop at his store. I am urging everybody to visit Monmouth Hardware.

Thanks again, Bob, you are a great human being!

Kathleen Boyarski


Dallas volleyball hosts “Pink Out”

Oct. 13, the Lady Dragons volleyball team had a “Pink Out” night to support breast cancer awareness. Even though varsity fell short against Corvallis, the real winners are the Salem Health Women’s Imagery department. The program was able to raise over $300! Head coach Shana Lavier said, “We couldn’t have done it without all the parents and grandparents who baked, crafted, and worked together to raise money for such an important event. I am so proud to be a part of such a wonderful program and community.” Dragon Pride.

Megan Beyer


Battle Buddies presents to county

On Oct. 27, the Battle Buddies team with the help of Beth Jones presented the need for a Veteran Service Officer (VSO) in Polk County. Polk County is unique in that the veterans are not served by their own VSO. We were given ample time to explain the need and benefits of having a local VSO here in Polk County. A county VSO assists veterans in navigating the VA Benefits, Compensation and Medical services as well as being trained and certified in the system, including the appeals process. A VSO also connects with local resources to assist Veterans with more than VA related issues.

Funding is priority in everyone’s view and the reality requires an agreement with the state, county and local partners. To make this work the whole community has to step up and be counted. We asked the commission to take into account that the VSO is an investment in our local veterans and the return is hope restored and knowing the benefits received here are often spent in Polk County.

If you are interested in getting involved, feel free to contact Wayne Crowder at wayjacrowder@yahoo.com or 503-510-1015.

Wayne Crowder


Footbridge repairs done quickly

A shout out to the crew that keeps the Dallas City Park footbridge serviced. I was concerned about a plank that had become loose and an elevated bolt on another plank. I was very happy to walk the bridge the other day and find these repaired. Great work!

Ann Richmond


Thank you for a great event

We want to thank all of you who came out to help with the Kings Valley Charter School Trunk or Treat/Harvest Carnival on Friday night. We had a fantastic turnout. Thanks go out to so many people that I can’t name you each individually. We appreciate each and every volunteer and could not have make the night the success it was without our volunteers.

Thank you!

Alicia Warren

KVCS PTO President

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