Present-day politics is grim picture

“Amid the snarling, the gears of government at all levels continue grinding away with inexorable persistence. Our functionaries keep beavering away at their appointed tasks.”

Anti-government sentiment in America is fierce. Yet despite this insurgent clamor, it seems that the proportion of our GNP devoted to federal, state and local expenditures has altered little over the past few decades. Everyone hankers after the grail of reduced government spending and a smaller public sector. That is, until our hypothetical citizen who falls under the “everyone” designation views the possibility of his or her interests being threatened by budgetary cuts. No surprise is at work in this inconsistency. Humankind revels in self-centeredness.

Elite American servicemen were able to rescue 70 Kurdish hostages held by ISIS, but at the price of one of their own number being slain. “Freedom,” as they say, “isn’t free.” Despite the incredible heroism by our service personnel, we know that there are members of Congress from all along the political spectrum who prattle about “debt ceilings” and “threatened government shutdowns” if the two-part duopoly that shapes our destinies cannot agree. Bizarre indeed is this juxtaposition of fiscal metaphysics and political fending in Congress, on the one hand, with the incredible bravery of our soldiers on the other.

Rome possessed very brave and skillful soldiers as well, and rather after the manner of contemporary America, they managed to blight their defensive efforts by tolerating a governmental structure whose frustrating inertia was all but guaranteed to destroy what was left of civilization.

A very discouraging picture it is.

Frank W. Goheen

Camas, Wash.

Veterans breakfast slated for Saturday

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are falling; the weather is turning cold; and the American Legion Post 20 and American Legion Auxiliary Unit 20 are gearing up for our annual events.

Every year, the American Legion Post 20, assisted by the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 20, in Dallas hosts our annual Veteran’s Day breakfast for all the veterans and their families in the community. The breakfast is free to veterans, but donations are accepted from everyone. This year our breakfast will be Saturday from 8 to 11 a.m. at the Dallas United Methodist Church, 565 SE LaCreole Drive.

We will be serving eggs, pancakes, sausage, coffee, and orange juice.

For more information, you can contact Beth Lillibridge at 503-480-6254.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Joe Lillibridge


LaCreole students help at arboretum

On Oct. 13 and 20, 23 students from Michelle Schilling’s leadership class at La Creole Middle School volunteered to help out at the Delbert Hunter Arboretum. They raked leaves, cleaned benches, planted shrubs, and spread wood-chips around various plants.

These young people did an outstanding job in all respects. The arboretum volunteers who supervised the students were unanimous in praising the work-ethic and positive attitude shown by everyone involved. Ms. Schilling did a great job of preparing her charges to come to the arboretum ready to work.

We often hear about what our schools are doing wrong. The work of the LCMS leadership class is a great example of something that is being done right in the Dallas public schools.

Paul Mannen


Vet’s celebration at MVCA a success

Mid-Valley Christian Academy would like to thank the Monmouth Dairy Queen for generously partnering with us for a fundraiser which was a fantastic success. Thanks to everyone who came and supported us.

We would also like to thank Sandy Larson, from the First Presbyterian Church of Dallas, who came and captured the hearts of our students with a crayon trick, followed by an informative lecture/speech/talk on how prayer works during one of our weekly chapel service.

Veteran’s Day is a time to honor the heroes that sacrificed for our freedom. MVCA had the honor of hosting a special chapel followed by a complimentary pancake breakfast for veterans in the Polk County community. Many came and shared their story of military duty and to receive the gratitude from our students for what they have because of these brave souls. Thank you, service men and women, for the sacrifices you have made for our freedom.

For more information about school events or class schedules, call 503-838-2818.

Miranda Long

MVCA administrator


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