Be considerate, quiet your dog

What’s the deal with people who just let their dogs bark?

Yes, any dog is going to bark, some more than others just by their breed; beagles, Chihuahuas, etc. But, to let your dog bark for no reason other than you are too lazy or clueless to train them not to is just wrong. I've had dogs. Did they bark? Yes, occasionally, but not to the point where it disturbed my neighbors. I trained them. It’s not that hard. If you can’t train them not to bark, there are humane devices that the dog can wear to curb this bad and annoying habit. This seems to be another ongoing problem in our society these days. People are not considerate of others. Whether it be barking dogs or noisy trucks and cars. Please be considerate of others. It’s not just about you.

Ali Rion


Thanks to support of Veteran’s dinner

I can't begin to express my appreciation to the community for their support of the Independence Elks Lodge No. 1950 Veteran’s Day dinner. So many pitched in to make the event happen. Thank you to Minet, the Barb Mylnechuk Insurance Agency, Marilyn Morton, the Three Legged Dog, and Arena Bar and Grill for your financial support and to the many volunteers who gave their time and energy to serve our veterans and their families. Thank you to the Polk County community for turning out to honor those who have served. Your support means so much.

Kathy Martin-Willis


No room for bigotry on council

Micky Garus was elected by the voters of Dallas to the Dallas City Council. The Dallas City Council works in the best interests of the people of Dallas. There are many topics to work on: homeless families, hungry children, disabled veterans, personal and public safety, safe roads for travel, and on and on. There is no room for racism or bigotry in that chamber or any part of government.

The racist rant Micky Garus posted on Facebook and picked up by the media shows his heretofore hidden agenda. He should resign immediately.

Ann Hurd


Don’t let outside groups influence

A city councilor from a small Polk County city expressed his opinion about Sharia law on his private Facebook page. He was then publicly attacked by an out-of-state group calling his viewpoint “bigoted,” “extremist and un-American,” and “Islamophobia.” It is unfortunate when an outside group intrudes on a small community by using misleading and untrue clichés designed to crush free speech.

George Irving


Councilor stepped over the line

Micky Garus, your recent post defaming American Muslims and their religious beliefs was ill-advised, inaccurate and serves only to dangerously promote the hate and fear so widely held by many today. To single out any minority as the target of such hate and fear, which your campaign Facebook most outrageously did, was not, we are sure, why the citizens of Dallas elected you. In so doing, you used precisely the same techniques employed by the Nazis you warned your readers about, to wit: propagating lies, and promoting hate against a small minority over and over until fear overcomes reason. You would benefit from a visit to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., to get your facts on Hitler’s techniques straight. While there, take some time to visit some of the many monuments on which are inscribed the words of true leaders reflecting the values of this nation.

As a private citizen, you are free to hold whatever beliefs you wish and to express them freely; however, you stepped over the line by doing so as an elected official. You have embarrassed your council colleagues and the community that elected you. You owe them all a deep and sincere apology.

Dallas has an old and, thankfully, largely overcome sordid history in relating with minorities. Many have worked hard to put this history of fear and hate to rest. Your comments remind us that the work is not over.

So now is the time to lay aside your personal insecurities, step up to the plate with the dignity that God freely instilled in you and recognize the dignity that resides in all people, including those you chose to malign. If you are unable to do this, have the courage and integrity to step aside. The rest of us have work to do.

James H. Beaird-Leeper

Beverly A. Beaird-Leeper


‘European method’ not good for U.S.

Those on the extreme right are constantly touting “American Exceptionalism” and denigrating ideas and processes as done in Europe.

Well, there is one area where we surely do not need to adapt to the European method. We do not need to import foreign terrorists to shoot, or blow up our schools, theaters and cities. We have plenty of able Americans who are perfectly willing to shoot their fellow Americans to pieces without any foreign help whatsoever.

Fred Brown


Councilor Garus unfit to serve

I assume that I would have heard about Micky Garus’s views on Islam when he ran for office on the Dallas City Council, so I think it’s fair to say that his recent anti-Islamic rant on Facebook was his coming-out-of-the-closet as a Christian extremist. His deeply held fear and loathing of Islam is what one would expect from Christian fanatics.

What was more troubling to me though was his conspiracy theory about Islam, and his branding of all Muslims as evil. Surely a man who believes this is not rational, and before Politically Correct thinking we would have labeled him for what he is — paranoid. He certainly isn’t capable of being a public servant because he cannot serve any of the public he views as evil, this would violate his beliefs. So why did he run for city councilman? Here’s an idea. A few years ago I read an article describing a meeting of the leaders of some of America’s major evangelical churches, like the Southern Baptists. The meeting was to plot a strategy to combat “secularists” in the culture wars. Their strategy was simple, run people for small town public offices, like city council positions, or state legislators. That way they could take over local politics and work their way into national politics with the ultimate aim of making the USA an official Christian nation, and supplanting our secular Constitution with Biblical Law. Sound farfetched, certainly no more lunatic than Mr. Garus’s conspiracy theories.

Ted Gaty

West Salem

Comments danger to trans youth

The recent comments by Dallas council member Micky Garus are deeply troubling. Transgender youth are misunderstood and vulnerable. Because of the lack of acceptance, discrimination and violence, 40 percent will attempt suicide. Councilor Garus’s comments add to the culture of violence that many transgender youth face.

As a Muslim mom, I am also deeply concerned about Councilor Garus’s comments about Muslims. Our country was founded on the principles of religious freedom precisely because of the religious persecution so many people around the world have faced. His statement is an affront to the people of Oregon and our values as Americans.

Nancy Haque


Basic Rights Oregon


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