Kicker will be on 2016 tax returns

SALEM — There will be a “kicker” issued for this year, but won’t be any kicker checks issued as there have been in the past.

A more than $402 million tax surplus was confirmed by the Office of Economic Analysis during the first week of October.

The surplus triggered a tax surplus credit, or “kicker,” for the 2014 tax year.

To claim the kicker, you must file a 2015 tax return. To calculate the amount of credit, multiply your 2014 tax liability before any credits, except credits for taxes paid to other states, by 5.6 percent.

Detailed information on how to claim your credit will be in the 2015 Oregon personal income tax return instructions.

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AT&T upgrades service to Dallas

DALLAS — AT&T has completed an upgrade to mobile Internet service in the Dallas area, bringing an increase in speed to customers at no additional cost.

AT&T customers with a data plan and LTE-capable device will see an immediate and automatic increase in speed when using the mobile internet, two-way video calling, streaming music and movies, downloading apps and files, and sharing pictures via email, multimedia messaging or social networks from their smart phone or tablet.

T­­he upgrade is part of a multi-billion dollar planned investment to expand and enhance our wireless and wireline broadband services, improving Internet service quality, speed, and reliability. AT&T invested nearly $375 million in its Oregon network during the past three years.

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