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Former Tyco site has sold

DALLAS — The long-vacant former Tyco building in Dallas has a new owner.

Dallas City Manager Ron Foggin announced the closing of the sale to American Gas & Technology at the Dallas City Council meeting Monday night.

He said the sale was final on Oct. 2, but the company isn’t in production at the facility off Monmouth Cutoff Road yet.

He said the business specializes in compressed natural gas and has patents in the technology.

“They will start sooner rather than later and they will be employing people,” Foggin said.

The former Tyco site will be the company’s first production facility. Foggin said the business wanted to set up shop in Oregon.

“They are pretty serious,” Foggin said. “They looked at several sites in Oregon.”

The company’s website says it is developing technology that could create liquified natural gas fueling stations.

“Natural gas not only saves money, but also reduces greenhouse gases and U.S. dependence on foreign oil,” it said.

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