Street bond would add double whammy

Don’t forget this November the law enforcement bond is added to your property tax bill for the first time, and now the city of Dallas is trying to slip in a street bond, which we vote on in May.

So if the street bond passes, we are looking at very large increases in November. Not one, but two tax increases for the business and property owners in the city of Dallas.

Please vote no on the Dallas street bond.

Sandra Mayer


Wheeler and Jones are best choices

I have had the honor of working with Beth Jones and Jennifer Wheeler over the last eight months.

Our team of veterans and local organizations have worked hard to establish the Battle Buddies and a Veteran Service Officer for Polk County.

Jones and Wheeler work tirelessly to improve our community, and as a state representative in HD 23 and Polk County Commissioner, they will stand in the gap with integrity, courage and passion for all the community members.

We have worked well together to help our Veterans.

Please vote for Beth Jones and Jennifer Wheeler.

Wayne Crowder


Wheeler’s positive attitude for office

Jennifer Wheeler is clearly the best candidate for Polk County Commissioner.

She maintains a positive attitude and strong work ethic as she gets in the trenches and works side by side with her constituents.

At community events such as Falls City Night Out, Dallas Christmas Cheer, Community Connect, Mad Hatter Run and fundraisers for various nonprofit organizations, Jennifer can be seen working alongside other community volunteers.

Jennifer is someone you can trust to get the job done.

Please join me in voting for Jennifer Wheeler for Polk County Commissioner.

Cynthia Jaramillo


Fixing streets essential to Dallas

Passing the Dallas street bond is essential for this great community of ours.

If streets deteriorate (go to dirt or gravel), then neighborhoods will also deteriorate, home values will plunge, people will move out, sections of the city will become unsightly, crime will increase.

You’ve seen it happen in other cities.

The small tax increase, surely a factor to us on fixed incomes, is truly more an investment than an expense. Some say we can’t afford to fix the streets, but the fact is, we really cannot afford to lose value in our homes.

Gene Henshaw


Nearman clear choice for HD 23

Mike Nearman is a real conservative that does not waiver or compromise on his principles.

If we are ever going to reverse the political and financial mess in Oregon, we need to elect Constitutional-minded, pro-life, fiscal conservatives like Mike.

Bret McGregor


Jones has whole community in mind

Beth Jones has definitely got my vote.

Over the years Beth has displayed a genuine heart for the wellbeing of others in the community including myself.

I believe she is running for all of the right reasons. Her concern and love for others is what drives her to do everything she does.

Michaela Peters


Jones has integrity and is honest

With the election coming up, I feel that we need to see those running for office as individuals.

Ask yourself what will they contribute to our county, state and nation. It is so vital that those running are doing it because they want to serve, not to be served.

Having someone in office that is honest, loyal to our country, and willing to contribute to our community and state is important.

Beth Jones has shown us that she is hardworking, has integrity, and loves to help and serve the people.

Won’t you join me and vote for Beth?

Juli Tschiegg


FedEx, UPS don’t care about streets

In a recent meeting where elected Dallas city leaders presented the need for the Dallas street improvement bond, a proponent told the audience that UPS and FedEx would refuse to make deliveries on streets needing repair.

I have personally been in contact with both of these agencies and both said this was untrue.

They will only delay deliveries if personal injury or damage to delivery vehicles was extreme. Potholes in city streets were no problem.

Dallas residents need to verify arguments presented by proponents supporting the $10-million street bond on the upcoming ballot. Vote no on this measure.

Faye Frei


Streets to get more expensive

Why should I vote yes on the Dallas Street Bond?

Even if my street is in good shape, two blocks away, my neighbor’s is crumbling.

It’s all about preserving our community that we all love.

The city’s research has been done on how to pay for the work, and the bond is by far the best answer.

For the average Dallas home, that means about $220 per year for the next 10 years — a relatively small price to pay for a huge benefit.

Many Dallas streets are badly in need of repair, overlay or replacement. Vote yes for Dallas.

Ken Jacroux


Keep Nearman in House District 23

Keep Mike Nearman for House District 23.

Mike has done a great job of holding the line against the one-party government of Gov. Kate Brown.

I’m sure Mike has learned a lot and needs to have the chance to put the experience he has gained to work for the state and District 23.

Mike and his wife are dedicated to Oregon, and both are doing a great job.

Think about Oregon and vote for Mike.

Larry Sundberg


Jones best choice for all of HD 23

I am voting for Beth Jones for state representative, District 23, because she has vowed to represent all the people in her district.

She travels from Willamina to Monroe to Jefferson and points in between to meet and listen to their concerns, something the incumbent has failed to do.

My vote goes to the candidate who is interested and willing to represent all. Join me in voting for Beth Jones.

Jim Perkins


No time like now to care for streets

If not now, when?

Today, in Dallas, the question pertains to streets. When do we repair them?

Oregon’s unemployment rate is at a record low and our state had the second fastest growing economy in the nation last year.

Oil is now relatively abundant and cheap, as is asphalt.

When better to tackle this growing problem of broken-down streets?

So, for the good of Dallas, for our community and for our economy (jobs), mark your ballot with a bold stroke to vote ‘yes’ to fix our streets.

The timing will never be better. If not now, when?

Brian Dalton


City should spend money wisely

The city of Dallas has spent thousands of dollars on public opinion surveys and studies.

A better use of taxpayer dollars would have been to apply those funds to repairing our streets. Vote ‘no’ on the street bond.

Shirley Mannenbach


Dallas deserves good streets

Dallas’s residential streets are in bad shape and getting worse. And the reason is basic: money.

Property taxes do not fund our street repair.

Those funds come from the gas tax, passed down to the cities from Salem.

Problem is, people are driving fewer miles with increasingly efficient cars, and the state sends through less each year.

The proposed street bond is a responsible, measured solution that will fix the worst of the problem before it passes the point of no return and becomes truly unfixable.

It deserves to be supported. We deserve good roads.

Bev Shein


Street condition to get worse over time

I want Dallas to be a safe, great place to live and raise a family.

A Dallas citizens committee made a recommendation to the council.

They did an outstanding job and, we are asking for a bond to address 22 miles of street repairs.

We need to take care of the most traveled streets and work toward the residential streets.

If we don’t address the deteriorating streets, they will become worse and cost our residents far more than what it would now.

Join me and vote yes. We need to get this done for Dallas’ future to sustain our liability.

LaVonne Wilson


Don’t put off street repair in Dallas

It’s time to fix Dallas streets.

We have all put things off that we needed to get done only to find out our procrastination made the job bigger and harder than it would have been to take care of it when it first came up.

It’s time to do the right thing and fix our streets.

To put off these much-needed repairs will only cost us more and further deteriorate our city's crucial infrastructure.

Please vote yes to keep Dallas moving in the right direction.

Warren and Sue Lamb


Honor the work of federal employees

May 1 through 7 is Public Service Recognition Week.

Across the country and in communities like Polk County, federal, state, county and local government employees serve us every day.

Please join me in publicly acknowledging the good work done by the active and retired federal workers in Oregon.

At a time when much of the talk about federal employees is biased or uninformed, let’s use this week to talk about what federal employees really do.

They work alongside our military at home and abroad to defend our country.

They conduct cutting-edge research to improve health and prevent disease.

They regulate food and drug products to keep us safe.

And when natural disasters strike, they are there to provide relief and help us rebuild.

Some of us did research on global climate change, salmon decline, and watershed health (U.S. EPA, Retired).

Despite popular belief, 85 percent of federal employees work outside of Washington, D.C.

All around this country, federal employees help seniors get their Social Security benefits, guide airplanes safely through our skies, and care for our veterans and wounded warriors.

During Public Service Recognition Week, please join me in recognizing the important work of the public employees in our community and thanking them for their service.

Michael Cairns


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