This summer has brought about its own special challenges — lots of good days filled with sunshine and blue skies, and the opportunity to get up early to water gardens and flowers, and to be sure to keep the bird baths full of water, had added more tasks to an already busy day. Gabriel and Lady, our resident doggies, are disappointed in the lack of car rides, no matter how much we explain that it’s cooler at home and dogs and warm cars don’t mix.

The good news about hot days is that MI Town’s libraries have all kinds of activities for kids of all ages. It’s not only a cool and comfortable place to be on a hot summer day, but you can also beat the heat by discovering new and different things and travel the world — or even into outer space — by opening a book and getting lost between the pages. I can’t remember when I didn’t know how to read, and finding a library wherever I’ve lived has always been a top priority. We are so fortunate here to have the Western Oregon University library close by, too. Check either the Monmouth or Independence Library websites to see what is new this week, and all through the summer.

When we’re all trying to keep cool, it’s hard to think about the upcoming seasons where coats and jackets are the rule, but for those of us who love cheering on our WOU Wolves at McArthur Stadium, the good and happy news is that season tickets for the upcoming football season are now on sale at the Athletic Department.

The Wolves open this year’s football season on Saturday, Sept. 3, when they meet the Hornets at Sacramento State in California. There will be four home games this year; the first being on Saturday, Sept. 10 against Central Washington at 1 p.m. Here’s your opportunity to make plans for tailgating, getting together with friends and family and enjoying a great autumn afternoon while the weather is comfortable and inviting.

Lots of political discussions going on in MI Town and just about everywhere else in our land, and that gives us an opportunity to make our voices heard — at town halls or other gatherings and to let our elected officials (whether they are city, county, state or national) know our thoughts and wishes. The conventions are over; the presidential candidates have been chosen; and we have time to learn more about their plans and programs before casting our ballots. It’s time to go beyond the myth and folklore and make informed decisions. Please register to vote and take part in this election season.

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